Planning to Work Efficiently


Often linked with Achieving Objectives Through Time Management, this course develops a broader understanding of the tools and techniques for managing your own work and that of others.

Learning objectives

  • Know how to plan work
  • Understand the importance of efficiency and effectiveness to achieve objectives

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to take greater control of their work.

Course content

  • Links between organisational and team objectives
  • Target setting and performance indicators
  • Planning techniques appropriate to job activity  (eg task/work/production schedules, timetables, rotas, Kanban systems, Just In Time and Takt time, etc, as appropriate)
  • Importance of supply chain in delivering results and meeting customer requirements
  • Monitoring and control techniques and records
  • Use of results to “close the loop”, so ensuring that objectives are achieved
  • Definitions of effectiveness and efficiency, and the difference between them
  • The need to achieve results and meet objectives
  • The importance to the organisation of operating efficiently
  • Potential for conflict between efficiency and effectiveness, and ways to resolve this

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