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Best Employers Eastern Region

Best Employers Eastern Region - The Survey

What will your employees get out of completing the survey?
  • Feeling valued: By asking employees for their input on a survey, employees will feel their views and ideas are being valued. This sense of value and appreciation, in turn, may boost employee morale because it lets employees know that they matter to the company.
  • Improving internal communication: Surveying employees is a form of communication between employees and managers, so the surveying process can strengthen employee and managerial relations.
  • Improving morale: By providing employees with a satisfaction based survey, employers will be able to tell if low morale is plaguing the work environment and affecting the office culture. Developing an employee satisfaction survey is a useful way to identify potential morale concerns and come up with ways to improve office conditions for employees before they have a negative impact on the organisation.

What size company is the survey suitable for?

The survey is for companies and organisations of all sizes; the value to you and your employees remains the same. We will categorise the organisations that take part in terms of size and business sector to allow a fair and balanced set of criteria on which to base the awards.

What can you expect from the survey?

The survey results are 100% confidential and are based on how your staff respond to a range of questions that covers a broad spectrum of what your company is like to work for. The survey explores: communication customer focus quality managing performance leadership teamwork range of benefits offered the physical environment company values change and innovation The survey is easy to complete (it’s online), it takes less than 15 minutes and is entirely confidential for staff. By making the survey confidential, the employees are more inclined to give honest answers and so the results you obtain will be a more authentic reflection of your company culture and values.

How do we take part in the survey?

The aim is to gain 90% participation of all staff as the higher the number of staff completing it, the more accurate the data. However, worthwhile data can be gathered from a lower number of responses but we require participation from a minimum of 15 staff or 60% of staff, whichever is the least. For more details on how to participate please review the entry requirements here .

Will there be any help available to support you throughout this process?

Both eras ltd and Pure Resourcing Solutions  are committed to this project with the ultimate aim of raising the profile of the diverse range of successful businesses throughout the Eastern Region. We will provide advice, guidance and material to help you communicate and deliver the survey throughout your organisation. How long will the process take? Once you have registered to participate in the survey, you will be contacted and supported by one of our survey team in implementing the survey across your organisation. The survey is available to complete between April and August 2014. Individual organisation reports will be available for download at any point during the process