Making the Most of Your Survey

Making the Most of Your Survey


Inviting your employees to participate in an engagement survey is a way of demonstrating your interest in listening to employees. Good preparation and follow up makes all the difference if the organisation and individuals are to benefit from the exercise. Here are our tips for maximising the benefits of undertaking the survey …


Before undertaking a survey, use the following questions to act as a checklist to help you plan your programme: 

  • What is the main purpose of this exercise? 
  • Is the organisation ready? 
  • How well have you prepared those involved? 
  • What does your communication plan look like? 
  • What concerns are you anticipating from those involved? 
  • What confidentiality parameters will you agree to? 
  • How will the survey be implemented and how long will the survey open for? 
  • How much time do you need to allocate to review the results?
  • How will you feedback the results to all employees? 
  • Who might be prepared to participate in further exploration, i.e. focus groups? 
  • What follow up will be required to achieve improvements? 
  • When might you repeat the exercise to chart progress and improvement?


  • Follow up and Feedback

    • Review the results with the leadership team and identify priorities and key messages to feedback to all employees
    • Feedback a summary of outcomes and key actions along with a thank you to all staff (including those who didn’t participate)
    • Create a management action plan with short, medium and long term actions to improve engagement
    • Identify (and implement) early quick ‘wins’ to demonstrate impact of survey and that you are listening to people
    • Create focus groups to understand some of the more complex issues emerging and working groups to identify how to improve – invite volunteers to participate
    • Don’t make promises you can’t keep – under-promise and over-deliver
    • Communicate, communicate and communicate as you work through action plans
    • Share results of actions or other engagement initiatives and show the link back to the survey wherever possible
    • Prepare and plan for the next survey by setting targets for scores long before implementing it
  • Set engagement improvement targets for all managers and leaders – don’t position it as an HR initiative

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