Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority

After 27 years in the Royal Navy including command appointments in every rank from Lieutenant to Captain, I considered myself to be somewhat accomplished and seasoned as a leader and manager. My motivation to attend the Level 7 course was more to gain corporate perspective on leadership and management to complement that which I had gained from military service; I did not expect to learn many new tricks. I was wrong. From the outset the course provided not only space and time to think away from the day job – the Wadenhoe setting is perfect for this – but the cross section of other Executives and the ensuing discussions and debates were very powerful.

The eras team employed an appropriate mix of ‘hands off' coaching and ‘hands on' teaching and, crucially, there was time to explore concepts and emergent theories without the nagging sense that other elements of the course would have to be foreshortened as a result of our collective discussions. In short, I learnt a great deal and for me, drawing all the learning together in a written submission at the end was the best way to embed the wealth of detail. I am much better personally and professionally for the experience and I thoroughly endorse it.

Phil Haslam Chief Executive Officer