Kettle Chips iGrow

Tuesday 20th January 2015 marked the launch of the Kettle iGrow programme, which saw one of our long-standing customers Kettle Chips collaborate once more with eras to embark on a highly interactive and engaging Leadership and Development programme.

The iGrow launch was held at the charming venue of the Assembly House, Norwich.

The day consisted of a variety of team-building exercises, an activity to identify each individuals working styles and preparing the participants into their action learning groups.

The Marshmallow Challenge – This activity saw teams come together to build the highest tower they could with nothing but spaghetti, Sellotape and a Marshmallow. It provided a great way to see individuals interact, lead and help one another.

Aeroplane Assembly Challenge – all about allocating a team leader, delegating responsibility and working as a team to build the specified quantity of paper aeroplanes. The three different rounds saw the teams grow as a unit and increase the efficiency of their team.

The launch saw the beginning of many interactions between unlikely individuals, which will help towards Kettle's ambition of harmonious cross-functional working and seamless communication across the organisations different departments.

To finish the day's activities, the Kettle employees enjoyed the ‘Boomwhackers' activity held by Ian Sainsbury. Not heard of it before? This video will reveal all… The ‘Boomwhackers' session was not only great fun but another valuable way to witness the individuals coming together, enhancing their leadership skills and developing their communication amongst one another.