Accredited Programmes

Accredited Programmes

Are you looking for a practical, business-focused management qualifications for your team leaders, supervisors or managers?

Our programmes are both practical and versatile and include a wide variety of learning methods – we use a hands on mix of group learning experiential activities and project work, together with self study. Candidates learn the relevant management principles and models and share and learn from their experiences and the experiences of others.

Our Open Programme and leadership programmes are accredited by a range of leading industry bodies, contact us for details.

If the Open Programmes does not meet your needs, we offer tailored learning solutions where we can design a tailored management and leadership programme that will be accredited by one of the awarding bodies mentioned. This solution offers the best of both of worlds – bespoke training tailored to meet the needs of your business and a recognised qualification.

An accredited management qualification, from eras offers many benefits:

  • Practical solution to real life problems – generating solutions to business issues.
  • Immediate skill translation – tools that can be used in the workplace
  • Better results – improved manager performance and improved performance of your teams and your business.
  • Wider understanding of your business and how managers’ actions impact bottom line.
  • Access to leading edge management theories models concepts and best practice.
  • Retention of your managers – demonstrating your commitment to their development.
  • Achievement of a benchmark management standard recognised in any industry.
  • Increasing the contribution managers make to your business.

All programmes can be delivered by our highly trained, experienced consultants at our training centre in Diss, Norfolk or we can visit your premises - or deliver at a venue suitable to you.

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