Developing Effective Teams

Developing Effective Teams

Sometimes teams needs to develop their working relations, get to know each other better or you may want to reward them for work well done. Teams that work together often get ‘bogged down’  in doing the day job and don’t have the time, opportunity or skills to review their working practices.

We are able to offer facilitation with existing teams to help them develop better practices, identify and resolve communication and process issues leading to better performance.

But what really is Team development?

Broadly it is periodic attempts by people whose jobs are inter-related to examine how effectively they work as a team, to identify barriers to their collaboration and to mutually undertake to reduce (or eliminate) those barriers.

But why develop your team?

  • Develop your individual team members
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Create more harmony and creativity among team members
  • Helps more team members work together
  • Define roles and decision making processes
  • Motivate team members
  • Promote interaction
  • Create a culture for team effectiveness

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