Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership Development Programmes

We recognise that the development of leaders and managers is key to the success of your organisation. As more and more organisations are measuring the engagement of their people, the more they recognise the need for great leadership.

We work with many different organisations to tailor development interventions that really make the difference.

At eras, we believe that a combination of different activities can create a truly sustainable leadership culture. programmes that combine facilitated group learning, one to one coaching, mentoring, project work, action learning and self-directed study encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own learning and development.

We usually encourage a diagnostic phase using tools such as The Quest Profiler, Culture and Engagement surveys and threesixty° assessment. We do this through The Psychometric Portal to help with development planning and identification of how best to utilise the learning resources available. Our preference is to work in partnership with your organisation - identifying (and possibly developing) in-house resources where possible.

We can offer a wide range of topics in a modular format to help you build a programme that fully meets the needs of your business or organisation. Our Consultant are skilled and experienced in designing and delivering tailored programmes, across a variety of industry sectors and organisations, helping businesses to achieve a strong leadership culture.

Find out more about Leadership Development Programmes at https://www.eras.co.uk/development-programmes/leadership-development-programmes/