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Which Programmes and Qualification Levels are Right for You?

Which Programmes and Qualification Levels are Right for You?

If you are looking to further your career, improve your management skills, move into your first management role, or gain formal recognition for your management experience, a qualification in leadership and management is a great way to help achieve such objectives. It provides a solid foundation of management models and best practise, whilst allowing you practical opportunities to apply your learning and skills in the workplace and to review your achievements throughout the programme.

Our entire suite of open programmes are accredited by the UK's leading accreditation bodies so you know you will have a qualification that demonstrates your personal, professional achievements as well as being recognised as an international standard.

An accredited management qualification from eras offers many benefits:
  • A nationally recognised management qualification, portable throughout your career
  • Achievement of a benchmark management standard recognised in any industry
  • Access to leading edge management theories, models, concepts and best practice.
  • Recognition of existing skills and experience.
  • Networking with other managers and leaders in a wide range of industries.
  • Practical solutions to real life problems – making you a more effective manager
  • Immediate skill translation, practical tools you can use in the workplace.
  • Better results – improve your own performance and that of your team and business.
  • Increased confidence – both managers and their teams.
Which of these most accurately describes your current level of experience and qualifications?
Supervisor/New Manager Middle Manager Senior Manager/Director
6 months+ experience in managing a team 2 years' + experience in managing a team 5 years' + experience in managing a team
Ensure effective relationships and communications within / between the members of your team and others Manage a team of people who themselves are responsible for supervising others Manage other managers or professionals
Manage the performance of individual team members including setting of individual objectives and performance reviews Allocate responsibility within your team and to other teams / departments Hold a management qualification
Motivate and develop the performance of people in your Team / Department Achieve results by making decisions about the effective allocation of time and resources Have responsibility for Strategic direction of your business or business unit
Some responsibility for identifying resources needed, selecting and recruiting team members Control limited financial budgets Have responsibility for creating and managing a budget
  Set team / Department goals and targets that contribute to organisational goals / targets Lead change initiatives that have a significant impact on your business or organisation
  Contribute to broader organisational initiatives such as change and quality programmes  
  Initiate, develop and / or deliver projects for the company / organisation  
Psychometric Training

Psychometric Training

Our British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited courses for ability and personality occupational testing allow you to register as test users with the BPS and are recognised by test publishers across the UK.

Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

The power of coaching and mentoring as a learning and development tool has been increasingly recognised in the workplace. More and more managers are being asked to provide a coaching leadership style or to act as mentors but without the specific knowledge and skills to support this aspect of their role and it is becoming increasingly apparent that HR and L&D professionals want to have a credible coaching and mentoring ability and skill set to support the needs of the staff in their organisations.

Leadership and Management Programmes

Leadership and Management Programmes

When looking for a practical, business focused management qualification for your executives, managers, supervisors or team leaders, eras offers accredited awards, certificates and diplomas. Our open programmes combine the rigour of assessment with a practical learning experience. Whilst the accrediting organisations set the standards and outcomes required for their qualifications, there is a real flexibility in constructing a programme that meets the specific needs of your organisation.

Find out more about Which Programmes and Qualification Levels are Right for You? at https://www.eras.co.uk/development-programmes/open-programmes/which-programmes-and-qualification-levels-are-right-for-you/