A Sik Mind? - With Dr George Sik - September 2015

A Sik Mind? - With Dr George Sik - September 2015

 Sunday, 20th September 2015

A Sik Mind?

With Dr George Sik 

Our 360 Degree system has become one of the best-loved features of our Psychometric Portal in a short space of time with many of our clients, whose use for it covers many aspects of development and appraisal, as well as coaching specifically. We were by no means the first suppliers of such a system but having had a lot of other systems to look at was very helpful, as we were able to see what we thought worked and didn’t work in a good 360 degree system. A real consideration was that it’s always a fine line between designing a system that is too complicated or confusing and one which is too simplistic or superficial. We strove to get it just right. The graphics are easy to explain and follow, while the system looks at successively detailed levels of description: overall; by rater group; on a competency-by-competency basis and even by individual questions asked, if that is required. Accompanied by an overall single-page summary, we really do feel it’s the best such system available…and you can build it up with your choice of competencies or even invent your own. We have even added a recent innovation where you can tailor the training / coaching / reading recommendations to suit your own budget or wider strategy.


As a tool to help in coaching, it can be invaluable because it addresses those crucial questions of how do others see your strengths and development needs, is it the same as how you see your own and are these perceptions  genuine reflections of reality or if certain things are simply going unobserved by others. To me, it’s fascinating how one little detail can give rise to a long, detailed discussion. It was Robert Burns in his poem ‘To a Louse’ who observed ‘O wad some Power the giftie gie us / To see oursels as ithers see us!’. Our 360 degree assessment does precisely that.



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