Speaker announced for Engagement Conference - The Best Employers Launch January 2016

Speaker announced for Engagement Conference - The Best Employers Launch January 2016

 Tuesday, 15th December 2015

Last week, Richard Branson wrote a blog article about the freedom to be yourself at work.

He began by saying “Most of our lives are spent at work. Those lives should be fun; they should be enjoyable and pleasant. Therefore it is worth striving to make sure that the time we all spend at work is satisfying and is some of the best hours we spend in our lives.”

It is clear from his message that the Virgin Management team are working hard to change businesses for good - not only for their customers, but for their people. Whether it is the pioneering unlimited leave policy, the wellbeing program, the shared parental leave initiative or flexible working, Virgin encourage people to be themselves and through these policies, it enables them to work in a way which brings out their best in them. 

He went on to say “We’re striving to achieve the perfect workplace: a place people want to tell their friends about because they are so proud to work here. We’re just experimenting with different approaches, we’ll see how they go and I’m sure there will be lots more in the time to come.

It is all about inspiring our people, who will in turn inspire our customers and continue to grow and nourish the Virgin brand. How do we do that? By giving our people the freedom to be themselves at work, and having fun along the way.”

Alex Pearce Director  at eras ltd, said “We couldn’t agree more with this philosophy, it aligns with our values as an organisation, which is why we, together with Pure Resourcing Solutions, started The Best Employers initiative back in 2012. It is widely recognised that the most effective business leaders are those who pay attention not only to what a company does but how it goes about things. There is ample evidence that an organisation’s culture has a vast effect on the engagement of those who work for it, and in turn how well they perform.

Our aim in running the Best Employers campaign every second year, which launches again in January 2016, is to find and promote our region’s leading employers through our dedicated Culture and Engagement tool. Taking part is free and it’s an unmissable opportunity for organisations to understand how they are perceived by their employees and how they compare to other organisations in the region.

As business leaders, we aspire to the standard set by Richard Branson and although we were not able to bring you Richard himself, we are delighted to announce that Sharron Pomells, Head of Operations, Virgin Management Ltd will be joining us at our Engagement Conference – The BEER Launch on 28 January 2016, to share the critical focus areas for successful employee engagement as well as the innovative programmes run by Virgin.

Riding on the back of our hugely successful coaching conference last month, The Coaching Conference, we hope business leaders, HR professionals and anyone with a passion for employee engagement will join us for what will be  another energising and informative event."

To find out more about the initiative or the conference contact paulines@eras.co.uk or call 01379 647808


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