Leadership and Management Programmes

Leadership and Management Programmes

When looking for a practical, business focused management qualification for your executives, managers, supervisors or team leaders, eras offers accredited awards, certificates and diplomas.

Our open programmes combine the rigour of assessment with a practical learning experience. Whilst the accrediting organisations set the standards and outcomes required for their qualifications, there is a real flexibility in constructing a programme that meets the specific needs of your organisation.

What is an Open Programme?

An Open Programme is a learning and development programme which is open to anyone who wishes to join, usually from a wide variety of nationwide organisations, and not just one company or organisation. This helps you to benefit from the in depth knowledge and expertise of our Consultants combined with the benefit of meeting and learning with a diverse range of individual who are looking for similar objectives.

Whether you have only one or two people with a particular development need, or you have a manager that would really benefit from the variety of perspectives gained from mixing with managers from a wide range of different organisations, then our accredited  open programmes are an ideal way for your managers to develop a wide array of skills.

In addition to the range of management and leadership programmes we are also approved to deliver Coaching and Mentoring qualifications. We’ll be happy to help you identify the right programme and level
for you or your people.

Find out more about Leadership and Management Programmes at https://www.eras.co.uk/open-programmes/leadership-and-management-programmes/