BPS Certified Occupational Test User: Personality (Level B)

BPS Certified Occupational Test User: Personality (Level B)

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Following on from the BPS Occupational Test User: Ability programme, we run a two-day Personality programme (with a little additional post-course work), covering the interpretation, application and feedback of personality questionnaires, with particular emphasis on The Quest Profiler. The course goes on to explain how personality information can be integrated into a full assessment centre, with vivid and realistic case studies.

The course includes modules on why we have the personalities we do, advantages of personality assessment in selection, development, team-building and succession planning, real-life case-studies which have been highly praised by former delegates, linking personality to competencies, and more sophisticated interpretation of computer-generated personality reports

Our training courses can be run both in our training rooms in Diss, or at your own premises. At our training rooms, As well as the picturesque Norfolk setting, a relaxing stress-free learning environment is provided for maximum enjoyment and convenience. Meeting delegates from other organisations can be particularly stimulating and beneficial. Alternatively, courses at your own premises can be more convenient still if there are a lot of people to be trained. Whether at your offices or at the hotel/training centre of your choice, we are very happy to come to you.

Find out more about BPS Certified Occupational Test User: Personality (Level B) at https://www.eras.co.uk/open-programmes/psychometric-training/bps-certified-occupational-test-user-personality-level-b/