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The Psychometric Portal® is a cloud-based platform providing you with access to personality assessments, 360° feedback tools, a full range of ability tests, culture and engagement surveys, role profiling, and candidate matching tools - all packaged in an easy-to-use and extremely competitively priced online system. The purchase of The Psychometric Portal® gives you access* to all the features below.

Whether you are an existing user or new to psychometric assessment, we believe you will find the relevance and quality of our tools hard to beat. As an organisation, we are committed to the ongoing evolution of psychometrics in assessment and development, and are passionate in our commitment to both excellence and affordability.

* Whilst The Quest Profiler® will be accessible immediately, the organisation must have someone "Test User: Occupational Ability" trained to access the aptitude tests. Click here for details.
Why choose eras?
  • The Quest Profiler® is a registered test with The British Psychological Society
  • We have no license fees
  • We have no lock in contracts (pay as you go)
  • We offer brilliant customer service
  • There is a fantastic range of cost effective reports
  • Established since 1982

Give us a free try, you won't be disappointed!

  • Insight-Out's Logo
    Your team are excellent at patiently dealing with my queries.
  • Ededred's Logo
    eras customer service is one of the best I have seen.
  • CVS UK Ltd's Logo
    What I like about The Quest Profiler is the wealth of different outputs it provides, from team styles to conflict handling, and from culture matching to competencies. You would normally have to use multiple personality tools to achieve this, but they all come from the same 25 minute questionnaire!
  • Hymans Robertson's Logo
    Everyone has been very helpful and the level of service and information far outweighed your competitors.
  • Norwich Door to Door's Logo
    Thank you for the extra support you were able to give, it did help us focus, as it was meant to do.
  • Devon County Council's Logo
    The portal and tests were really useful and eras were very helpful.
  • Victim Support's Logo
    Just to say thank you again for sending the reports for me last week; it was really helpful and helped us to keep our recruitment process moving forward.
  • C2 Options's Logo
    I'm very excited about the newer features of The Psychometric Portal, and praise eras for its splendid customer service.
  • Adnams's Logo
    Our relationship with eras spans more than 10 years and the Team there have consistently exceeded our expectations. They have the ability to understand our business drivers and our culture and then identify the resources that will help us meet our goals. The Psychometric Portal provides us with a great range of effective tools that deliver excellent value and ensure our recruitment, performance management and L & D programmes are all supported.
  • Tulip Ltd's Logo
    The Quest Profiler is the most versatile personality instrument I have ever used. It does everything from generating interview questions to offering advice for future development. Whatever my needs are, it meets them in full.
Quest Logo
The Quest Profiler® is one of the fastest-growing personality questionnaires in the UK, used for selection and development by some of Britain’s largest companies. With some of the most sophisticated personality feedback available, it’s not hard to see why so many organisations have made the switch to this personality questionnaire.
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Our Aptitude tests increase the likelihood of selecting the best person for the job, and provide an objective and standardised approach to reduce bias in the selection process. These tests filter out candidates early in the recruitment process, reducing costs, and can be used to identify strengths and development needs for current employees.
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It is not until you have identified your organisation's strengths and development needs that you can create an effective solution that will form a solid foundation for the future. Culture & Engagement provides you with the foundation stone for change in your organisation, and is a real catalyst for improving business performance.
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threesixty° is a powerful and completely customisable 360° assessment tool, used to gather meaningful feedback about an individual’s working behaviour from a wide range of people. This tool identifies the strengths and development needs of an individual, while also providing a comprehensive guide to suitable development interventions.
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Job Analysis allows you to specify the key requirements of a particular role. These can be identified by completing our Job Analysis questionnaire, which picks the most important behaviours and competencies for you, or by choosing your own mix of behaviours and competencies to create a bespoke Ideal Role Profile.
Job Match Logo
Job Match allows you to compare a candidate’s personality results from The Quest Profiler against an Ideal Role Profile created using our Job Analysis tool. By comparing the candidate’s behaviours and competencies to those of the role, Job Match allows you to better identify development needs and sift applicants during the recruitment process.

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