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In an era in which getting the right people into the right jobs and keeping them there is of paramount importance, the use of psychometric techniques has never been regarded as more vital than it is now and use has never been so widespread.

Perhaps the reason why so many HR and Development professionals increasingly rely on them - either used together with, or sometimes instead of, more traditional techniques. Psychometrics can play a crucial role in identifying the best candidates or identifying top talent within your business.

Using our psychometric tools, we can help you to enhance employee performance, reduce the number of poor selection decisions, assess and identify talent within the business, and standardise your selection/development processes to make them more objective and robust.

Psychometric Tools

We provide a wide range of both online (through The Psychometric Portal®) and paper-pased psychometric products, including personality assessment (The Quest Profiler®), a full range of aptitude tests, our revolutionary Job Analysis & Job Match tools, 360° assessment and Culture & Engagement analysis. Whether you are an existing user or new to psychometric assessment, we believe you will find the relevance and quality of our instruments hard to beat. As an organisation, we are committed to the ongoing evolution of psychometrics in assessment and development and passionate in our commitment to both excellence and affordability.

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Psychometric Training

We use engaging and practical exercises verified by the British Psychological Society and run by Dr George Sik, believed to have trained more people to use psychometrics than anyone in the world, on our ever-evolving courses to teach psychometric assessment. Our Occupational Testing - Ability course (formerly Level A), focuses on aptitude testing, while Occupational Testing - Personality course (formerly Level B), expands on this to cover personality questionnaires. They allow you to register as test users with the British Psychological Society and are recognised by test publishers across the UK.

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