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Our Values

Our values say a lot about who we are as an organisation and what makes up our DNA . We asked the eras team to define what drives us to succeed and what values underpin our behaviour. This is what the team told us:


People are enthusiastic and motivated by working for the organisation and want to contribute to its success. Individuals are likely to do their best and respond positively when asked to make a special effort. People have pride in the company and are less likely to leave.


There is an emphasis on honesty and openness, people are trusting of their colleagues and encouraged to be fair with each other. Business is seen to be carried out ethically and in accordance with a code of practice.

Customer Focus

Customers and their needs are given considerable importance and weight. People try hard to meet customer requests. Good customer service is recognised.


Emphasis is placed on high work standards, the elimination of faults and errors and the continuous improvement of processes and procedures. The importance of quality is regularly reinforced and people pay close attention to what they do.