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At eras, we're not just another psychometric company - we're your strategic partner in harnessing human potential. With over three decades of industry leadership, we've been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge psychometric products and consultancy services that drive success for organisations of all sizes, spanning the globe.

Empowering your Business: Leveraging eras' Psychometric Expertise

eras is poised to significantly elevate your business through our expertise in psychometric products and consultancy. By utilising our tailored assessments, you can make informed decisions in talent acquisition and team dynamics, while also identifying and nurturing emerging leaders.

Our insights help customise your training and enhance employee performance and satisfaction. eras' focus on organisational culture and quality assurance ensures a cohesive work environment and efficient operations.

With affiliations with respected bodies like The British Psychological Society, our services offer a credible and professional approach to shaping your business success.

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How can we help your business?


Enhance current employee performance, increase the quality of future recruitment decisions, and identify talent from within your business with our cutting edge psychometric tools.

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Get the most from your people with our best in class executive coaching, assessment and development centres, employee engagement programmes, and change management services.

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Development Programmes

Help your people to achieve their full potential, and build on the expertise and knowledge within your organisation using our wide range of accredited and tailored development programmes.

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C2 Options

I'm very excited about the newer features of The Psychometric Portal®, and praise eras for its splendid customer service.

Carol Cromer C2 Options
Mzanzi Consulting

Can I also just take this opportunity to thank you both for incredible customer service. This will be one of the main reasons I continue to use eras. Quick turnaround and prompt response are greatly appreciated!

Jessica Pinnock Mzanzi Consulting
Victim Support

Just to say thank you again for sending the reports for me last week; it was really helpful and helped us to keep our recruitment process moving forward.

Ellie Ryder Victim Support
2 Sisters Food Group

The eras team provide exceptional support that is not only professional but human as well. No 'ask' is ever too much and any queries or concerns I have are addressed promptly, reflecting a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.

Paul Aggett Divisional L&D Manager 2 Sisters Food Group
Devon County Council

The portal and tests were really useful and eras were very helpful.

Devon County Council
Reality HR

eras are a real pleasure to work with. As well as great customer support, they always go the extra mile and are very responsive to our needs. The Psychometric Portal® is extremely user friendly as well as completely customisable with our own branding.

Reality HR
Revolution Bars

We have been working with eras for many years now and specifically use the 360 function regularly. The 360 function is fantastic as we can amend it to suit whatever we need. It's easy to use and produces really useful information in a very professional report. When working with eras I've personally found them to be extremely responsive and very helpful, they go out of their way to support and find solutions.

Lee Moody Revolution Bars
Snow Software

We use The Quest Profiler® and the wider eras tools heavily at Snow and they are a key part of our kit. From recruiting tools to developmental psychometrics for individuals and teams through to leadership 360s the quality of the data and reports has made a significant difference to our people worldwide. They gain insights and actionable feedback that helps them grow and build the success and careers they aspire to.

Snow Software
Briar Chemicals

Such an interesting subject and valuable area of work.

Hilary Wright Briar Chemicals
First Home Improvements

The content of the course was very helpful and engaging.

Steve Way First Home Improvements

Why Choose eras?

Expertise that Empowers

With a history of impactful solutions, eras empowers diverse businesses worldwide with user-friendly, affordable expertise.

Comprehensive Offerings

From tailored psychometric assessments to British Psychological Society-approved training, eras is your comprehensive resource.

Tailored Excellence

Personalisation is key. Our team crafts services aligned with your unique needs, whether selecting talent or nurturing your workforce.

Our Values

Our values are the bedrock of who we are - the driving force behind our success and your achievements. The eras team embodies a relentless dedication to your growth and a commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards.


Engaged employees drive success, willingly making extra efforts, showcasing dedication, and boosting retention.


Honesty, trust, and fairness thrive as colleagues uphold ethical practices, fostering a culture of openness and integrity.

Customer Focus

Customer needs take precedence, driving dedicated efforts to deliver exceptional service and earn recognition.


Excellence drives continuous improvement, reinforcing quality and meticulous attention to detail.

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