Development Programmes

Complementing our wide range of psychometric tools and training in how to use them, we also offer development programmes to bring out the best in your teams. These can be delivered at every level from directors to operational teams and are designed to be delivered remotely so those participating do not all have to be at the same location.

Developing Effective Teams

With professional coaching we help you to stand back from the practicalities of day to day issues and focus on those crucial strategic matters which will help you take the organisation or business forward in the future – vision, interpersonal skills and the qualities required of a leader. For leaders, it is an opportunity to step back, review progress, consider external analysis and respond to the challenges faced.

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Exec Team Development

A cohesive and aligned Exec Team is a prerequisite for driving organisational performance, and yet many Leadership Teams are far less effective than they should be. Turf wars and silo behaviour can leave whole departments with competing priorities and a lack of direction. We can help your Exec Team to examine how well they practice the four disciplines fundamental to organisational performance.

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