What advice would you give to a business new to psychometrics?

Psychometrics can give you a clearer understanding of your current employees and potential candidates seeking positions within your business. Introducing psychometrics to your business is a straightforward process. Your psychometrics provider can discuss your options with you and help integrate psychometric assessment into your current operations. Psychometrics is ideal for assessing future employees and supporting current staff in their career progression.
Assessment centres, typically including psychometrics, where multiple assessments are compiled to create a comprehensive understanding of a person, can be used not only for recruitment but also internally for promotions by identifying those with the skills you are seeking to promote and encourage in an organisation.

What can eras ltd offer to its clients?

At eras ltd, there are three cornerstones that make us who we are. We offer user-friendly, quality instruments that can be used by anyone. You don't need to have a background in psychology to understand most of it.
Our services are affordable, as we aim to support a range of businesses seeking to introduce psychometrics, regardless of the size of the organisation.
We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, so if anyone needs support, they can pick up the phone, or send off a quick email, and speak to any of our team with ease.

What kind of psychometrics do you offer at eras ltd?

Psychometrics covers a number of different services, and at eras ltd, we offer a range to suit your needs. Under The Psychometric Portal®, we have ability tests for people from managerial and professional levels down to various specialist niche roles. The assessments and questionnaires can all be different, covering specific areas to identify needs. Culture and engagement questionnaires can help you gain a deeper insight into your organisation, while the 360 questionnaire gives a thorough analysis of a person from multiple perspectives.

What are the benefits of taking psychometric tests?

Psychometrics can help you get a lot of information about people within a short period of time. Interviews can take a great deal of time and may not reveal a lot about a person, whereas questionnaires don't take as long but can provide a lot of insight. Often, people feel that they can be more honest in questionnaires, creating greater validity in their responses.

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In an era in which getting the right people into the right jobs and keeping them there is of paramount importance, the use of psychometric techniques has never been more vital than it is now and has never been so widespread.

Many HR and Development professionals increasingly rely on psychometric questionnaires and tests, used together with - or sometimes instead of - more traditional techniques. They can play a crucial role in identifying the best candidates or spotting top talent within your business.

Using our psychometric tools, we can help you to select outstanding talent, learn what motivates those who work in your organisation, understand the strengths and development needs of your people, and standardise your selection/development processes to make them more objective and robust.

Why Choose eras?

Clear Pricing

Our prices are competitive and transparent. There are no hidden costs and we have always matched top quality with affordability.

No Contracts

We have no annual license fees or other hidden expenses. Our approach is 'pay as you go' and your credits never expire.

Unbeatable Customer Service

We are there to help you and are very quick to respond. We are regularly complimented on the quality of our customer service and have been since we were first established in 1982.

Varied & Detailed Reports

There are lots of options when you generate our reports, which combine insight with thoroughness and are very easy to follow. The Quest Profiler is registered with the British Psychological Society and can be used for recruitment or for developing your employees.

What Are Personality Profiles?

Personality profiles provide a detailed analysis of your personality traits and characteristics. Created using questionnaires, the answers can help to build a stronger understanding of people, giving valuable insights into how individuals may act or perform in specific situations. You cannot fail a personality assessment, as there are no wrong answers.

The holistic and rounded viewpoint was developed by academics and scientists, helping to understand beliefs, motivations, and behaviours. It has since been adopted by many industries to gain a vital understanding of target audiences.

Psychometrics are commonly used within HR, recruitment, and L&D to ensure candidates are a good fit for the role, displaying the desired characteristics and identifying the best ways to support their continued development in an organisation.

This type of assessment is excellent for aligning candidates to roles, ensuring that they are a good fit or identifying other areas in the business where they might flourish. As many businesses will use personality testing to identify ideal traits for job descriptions and specifications, they can create greater consistency across hiring.

Cutting-Edge Psychometric Assessments

There are many kinds of psychometric assessment, including aptitude tests, 360 degree reviews, skill tests, and personality questionnaires, all of which we offer. However, ours work at a deeper level than many other assessments. Through a series of tests revolving around things such as numerical, inductive, logical, diagrammatic, and verbal reasoning, the answers can lead to a detailed understanding of a person.

Many psychometric questionnaires can be used in a range of settings. However, some businesses find that bespoke psychometric assessments offer more effective test results for their organisation. Through bespoke psychometric design, you can get a solution tailored to your needs.

Leading Psychometric Training

Training individuals and teams in psychometrics allows your organisation to understand the psychometric assessments you run and how best to give feed back on the results of each test. The training we provide includes the British Psychological Society (BPS)  Test User training and threesixty° tool training.

Open programmes are ideal for one or two individuals, giving your delegates the chance to interact with others from different organisations while still getting the training they need. If you have greater training needs, in-house programmes allow you to arrange training for entire teams in your business.

Which Businesses Benefit From Psychometrics?

Psychometric testing is useful in any business, from small to large-sized organisations. It can be used as part of the recruitment process, identifying desirable traits to include in job specifications. It can be used to highlight how your current team handle pressure and how best to support their continued development. It also ensures a holistic understanding of individuals and provides greater detail about their personalities and skills.

Human Resources & Recruitment

One key area of organisations where psychometric profiling is beneficial is HR and recruitment. During the recruitment process, it can be used to identify any desirable traits to list in a job description. It can also help to provide some structure to interviews, highlighting talents and skills the candidate has.

Throughout the years, psychometric profiles and predictive testing have improved the quality of hires for organisations while reducing staff turnover. It is an effective solution to ensure that candidates are better matched to jobs.

Learning & Development

As psychometric assessments work by providing a detailed view of an individual, they can be used in learning and development (L&D) to support the team you have in place. Talent development can help at all levels of operation, building leaders and improving the production line.

Through testing, you can identify the objective and quantitative information you need (such as profitability and productivity) as well as subjective and qualitative data such as staff morale and motivation. Getting an understanding of culture and engagement in your workplace can give you greater insight into how qualities such as clarity of vision, brand, and how personal well-being are perceived.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What advice would you give to a business new to psychometrics?
  • What kind of psychometrics do you offer at eras?
  • What are the benefits of taking psychometric tests?
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The Psychometric Portal®

The Psychometric Portal ® is a cloud-based platform providing you with access to personality assessments, 360° feedback tools, a full range of ability tests, culture and engagement surveys, role profiling, and candidate matching tools.
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Psychometric Training

Our British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited courses for ability and personality occupational testing allow you to register as test users with the BPS and are recognised by test publishers across the UK.