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What is an Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests are a popular tool used by a huge number of businesses and recruiters to increase understanding of the cognitive abilities of potential candidates. They also allow businesses to test a candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

One of the benefits of using these types of assessments is that you can identify how likely a candidate is to succeed in a specific role while eliminating any potential unconscious bias in the recruitment process.

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What Are The Different Types of Aptitude Tests?

Explore a range of aptitude tests assessing verbal and non-verbal reasoning through varied questions. These tests gauge skills like concentration, accuracy, comprehension and more. By showcasing candidates' strengths; businesses and interviewers gain valuable insights for role suitability, promoting alignment between applicants and positions.

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Why Use Aptitude Testing?

Aptitude testing is a popular solution as it removes any potential bias in the recruitment process. The results provide a more objective understanding of an individual, aligning their skills with the desired role specifications to ensure a good match and reduce staff turnover.

It is also beneficial in training, learning and development, as it can be used to identify any training gaps and guide the development of individuals. Often, personality assessments and aptitude tests can be used to support leaders in their transition, increasing their awareness of desirable traits and areas of personal development for continued growth.

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The eras Range of Aptitude Tests

From numerical reasoning to abstract thinking, our Portal provides insights into people's cognitive abilities, supporting your selection and recruitment decisions. With a suite of cutting-edge aptitude assessments, eras Aptitude Tests empower you to smoothly locate candidates' strengths and areas for improvement.

The Managerial and Professional Series tests evaluate candidates from graduates to senior managers, encompassing complex skills and aiding management development across levels.

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eras are a real pleasure to work with. As well as great customer support, they always go the extra mile and are very responsive to our needs. The Psychometric Portal® is extremely user friendly as well as completely customisable with our own branding.

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The eras team provide exceptional support that is not only professional but human as well. No 'ask' is ever too much and any queries or concerns I have are addressed promptly, reflecting a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.

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I have been delighted by the service offered by eras. The team are incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and I find the psychometrics invaluable as part of our offer for selection and leadership development.

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The Psychometric Portal is a very good tool to use in recruitment selection and staff development

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What I like about The Quest Profiler® is the wealth of different outputs it provides, from team styles to conflict handling, and from culture matching to competencies. You would normally have to use multiple personality tools to achieve this, but they all come from the same 25 minute questionnaire!

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The Quest Profiler is the most versatile personality instrument I have ever used. It does everything from generating interview questions to offering advice for future development. Whatever my needs are, it meets them in full.

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eras customer service is one of the best I have seen.


Your team are excellent at patiently dealing with my queries.

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Our relationship with eras spans more than 10 years and the Team there have consistently exceeded our expectations. They have the ability to understand our business drivers and our culture and then identify the resources that will help us meet our goals.

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Benefits of Aptitude Testing

Help Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

These remarkable Aptitude tests can help to identify an individual's vocational strengths and weaknesses. This therefore can help to determine whether or not they will succeed in a particular job or industry.

Identify An Individual's Level Of Competence

This helps recruiters to ensure that they are hiring the highest quality candidates who will succeed within the role, businesses and industry.

Standardised Testing

Aptitude tests are fully standardised tests, this means that they are scored in a very consistent manner and benchmarked against the performance of others. The results of these tests therefore provide much more accurate and fair results and much better insights into an individual's skills.

Allow Employers To Identify Skill Gaps

When used internally within a business employers can see the skill levels of their employees. This can then help to identify any skill gaps within the business which can then be addressed through training and development courses.

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Preparing for an Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are designed to give an insight into a person and understand their qualities, skills and natural talents. You may prefer to prepare for the aptitude test to ensure that you use your time wisely.

You may have one or two days before the aptitude test, which is plenty of time to prepare. It may help to request information about the length of time you will have to complete it before taking some practice tests. This will give you the opportunity to use your time effectively. It is an excellent method to relieve pressure and stress during the actual test, as you'll already have a clear understanding of the expectations in place.

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Are Aptitude Tests Right For Your Business?

Aptitude assessments are excellent tools in any business, no matter the industry. They can be used to guide recruitment processes, aid learning and development, and ensure that your employees feel valued by increasing your understanding of them. With a variety of different tests available, you can tailor your tests to suit your business needs.

At eras, we will work with you to create the perfect solution. Contact us today to discuss your business requirements and we will help you choose the right tests or create bespoke solutions.

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