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Psychometric Training

Our training courses are designed to give participants in-depth experience and knowledge of psychometric products and how to feed them back. They include the British Psychological Society  Test User training (for both Ability and Personality – previously known as Levels A and B) as well as a masterclass for our threesixty° tool and how to use it.

The comprehensive training is available in two different formats to suit your needs. Our open programmes are ideal for one or two individuals from your organisation, where they will be joined by delegates from other organisations. The in-house programmes are better-suited if you need to train larger groups of people from your organisation.

Open Programmes

Open Programmes

The Open Programmes give one or more delegates from your business the chance to engage in training alongside other organisations. These courses provide a good understanding and foundational knowledge of psychometrics, with background knowledge of their history and how they can help you. As you will be placed with delegates from other organisations, you'll get unique insights into how other businesses might use psychometrics.
In-House Programmes

In-House Programmes

If you are interested in training your HR department or managers across the business in psychometrics, In-House Training is the best option. We can work with you to create the perfect package to be delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams, suiting office-based, hybrid, and remote teams across the UK.

Choosing The Package For You

At eras ltd, we offer different types of training to suit your needs. You can learn more about the training on the open programme and in-house training pages or by clicking the links below:

BPS Certified Occupational Test User: Ability (Level A) open in-house
BPS Certified Occupational Test User: Personality (Level B) open in-house
threesixty° Masterclass open in-house
Team Facilitation Workshop - in-house