threesixty° Masterclass

This course is designed to elevate your skills in assessing performance and foster professional growth. The user-friendly learning experience gives simple and concise instructions on implementing 360-degree feedback, guiding you through practical applications and strategies. Whatever your previous experience, eras' training on 360-Degree Feedback provides the knowledge and confidence to enhance performance evaluations.

What's Included with the Course?

This master-class will enable you to understand and use with confidence, threesixty° feedback, either on a one-off basis or as part of a wider programme in your organisation and follow best practice in helping individuals or groups to develop themselves.

The key topics will include:

  • How the threesixty° questionnaire works and what it all means
  • How to select participants
  • Creating a threesixty° assessment on The Psychometric Portal®
  • Best practice
  • Integrating The Quest Profiler®
  • Preparing for feedback - what to look out for
  • Structure of feedback session
  • Plenty of practice in feeding back the content
  • Feedback and coaching skills - especially when it's 'bad news'
  • Development planning
  • Wider implications
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Below you can find a list of our upcoming course dates and prices

26th April 2024
Spaces Available

threesixty° Masterclass

Course Duration: -
£325 per person
14th June 2024
Spaces Available

threesixty° Masterclass

Course Duration: -
£325 per person

Medium Groups

Up to 8 people
Half Day

Large Groups

More than 8 people
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Very informative and will use skills learnt in both my professional and personal life.


A really good course. Pace and level of enthusiasm from the trainer was excellent


The course gives a good understanding and foundation to Psychometrics.

Jill Berry IPC

The trainer was a very good and supportive facilitator.


Myself and the team really enjoyed the psychometric training and despite being a huge group we all felt we got a lot out of it. A very warm, entertaining way of presenting so not only was the day informative it was good fun.

Dee Willmott Archant
Briar Chemicals

Such an interesting subject and valuable area of work.

Hilary Wright Briar Chemicals
First Home Improvements

The content of the course was very helpful and engaging.

Steve Way First Home Improvements
Wellcome Trust Sanger

Course was great, already booked 3 more colleagues on. The trainer had a relaxed style, great stories and vast knowledge.

Wendy Skeen Wellcome Trust Sanger

I definitely would recommend the course, it is very informative and practical.

Marianna Sokolava IBCC

This is way over and above what anyone at eras needs to do for us and I am really appreciative of your willing, can-do assistance that you gave us last week. Would you please make sure that all are thanked and acknowledged for this.


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Clear Pricing

Our prices are competitive and transparent. There are no hidden costs and we have always matched top quality with affordability.

Great Customer Service

We are regularly complimented on the quality of our customer service and have been since we were first established in 1982.

No Contracts

We have no annual licence fees or other hidden expenses. Our approach is a credit based 'pay as you go' approach, where credits never expire.

Varied & Detailed Reports

Our reports are insightful, thorough and user-friendly. The Quest Profiler® is BPS registered and suitable for both recruitment and employee development.

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