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threesixty° is a versatile 360° assessment tool designed to collect valuable feedback on an individual's work behaviours, including areas like people management, teamwork and interpersonal skills. Its customisation options make it a powerful tool for identifying strengths and areas for improvement, offering a roadmap for tailored development interventions.

What are the benefits of the 360?

threesixty° is a highly customisable 360° assessment tool that offers numerous benefits. It collects comprehensive feedback on an individual's work behaviours, aiding personal and professional development. With its flexibility to customize questionnaires and competencies, it ensures relevance to specific goals. The tool not only identifies issues but also provides solutions and can tailor training recommendations to available resources. In summary, threesixty° empowers individuals and organisations to improve performance and foster a culture of continuous growth.

The Customisable 360° Assessment Tool

The threesixty° assessment tool is highly customisable, catering to the unique needs of your business and staff. It offers meaningful feedback for training and development while providing insights into individuals' approaches and support strategies. Whether used in HR for people management strategies or by teams aiming to enhance interpersonal skills, the comprehensive results and sophisticated assessments lead to detailed training recommendations, putting your staff at the centre. Supporting individuals with tailored psychometric assessments helps retain excellent staff, reducing turnover and benefiting both staff and the business. It also aids individuals aspiring to leadership roles or those seeking to develop interpersonal skills by offering a secure understanding of their working behaviours and facilitating tailored support and development plans for team success and growth.

threesixty° Assessment Reports

Our threesixty° assessment reports give a complete and comprehensive view of an individual's performance. These reports are packed with data and insights, including text, graphs, and charts to help identify areas where they're excelling and areas where they can improve.

Reviewer Details 1/1

Most tools will force reviewers to be categorised as colleagues, direct reports, or managers - with threesixty° you have the ability to define whatever relationships are required, whether it is director, indirect report, or even relative!

Overall Summary 1/2

The overall summary gives a high-level overview of the focus' scores for each competency included in the threesixty° assessment, organised into common categories including communication, relationships and vision. This overview provides an excellent starting point for analysing an individual's strengths, potential issues and development needs.

Relationship Summary 1/3

The relationship summary describes how each group of reviewers has scored the focus, by splitting their feedback into individual charts. Being able to see the differences in scores for each competency according to the relationship of the reviewer enables you to target any key areas or potential issues that relate to specific groups of colleagues.

Competency Summary 1/4

A threesixty° assessment asks the reviewers to rate a variety of competencies, measured through a number of statements describing the behaviours of the focus. For each competency, you receive an in depth summary of the feedback provided by the reviewers, including a definition of the competency, anonymised comments left by the reviewers, and scores for each competency for reviewers according to their relationship to the focus. Competency summaries are a great way of gaining some in-depth detail about a focus' strengths, potential issues and development needs. threesixty° is incredibly easy to use with any of the 40+ out-of-the-box competencies available in The Psychometric Portal® or, if you have developed your own competency framework, your own.

Behaviour Summary 1/5

Each competency in threesixty° is measured by a number of statements, and the behaviour summary presents a breakdown of the statements that contribute to the overall score of each competency. This is particularly useful for identifying specific strengths and development needs amongst individual behaviours, rather than more general development needs between whole competencies. It is not uncommon for an individual to perform well on a competency, but still have some development needs for specific behaviours.

Development Interventions 1/6

Development interventions are ideal when you want to know how the focus can work towards improving their potential issues or development needs. The range and variety of interventions for all of the standard threesixty° competencies means that there is something for every learning style - whether it is reading that may aid development, potential learning and development solutions, or just simple behavioural change.

Competency Summary & Importance 1/8

These pages form an overview of the entire report, showing the average rating that each group of reviewers has given the focus of the report for all competencies (you can also see how important each group considers these to be). When giving feedback on the report, this is an excellent place for the facilitator to turn to first. Colour coding lets you see at a glance what the outright strengths and development needs of the focus are.

Action Planner 1/9

An Action Planner is provided to help a facilitator arrange with the focus of the report what are appropriate next steps to take, based on what has been learned from the report. Where changes to behaviour are recommended, what concrete actions can the focus take, over what time period and how will the results be observable? Perhaps following the advice of the recommended developmental suggestions, this should form the ideal springboard for next steps.

Why choose the threesixty° Assessment tool?

The threesixty° psychometric assessment tool is completely customisable, making it the ideal solution for any business or industry. The innovative questionnaire secures meaningful data and feedback, providing a unique insight into working behaviours. This helps to identify any potential strengths and development areas. The detailed information in the reports can then be used to create a comprehensive training and development plan to support individuals on their career journey.

For businesses considering putting employees forward for leadership development programmes, the threesixty° tool will give you the information you need to support those individuals. As the results are unique to each person, you will then be able to customise the training recommendations to the needs of each person.

Interested in learning more about psychometric assessments for leaders and how best to support your staff in their leadership development? The eras team are here to help you. Contact us today for further information about the assessment tools available or to discuss your bespoke threesixty° requirements. For more detailed practical insights and tips on using our threesixty degree tools, an online workshop is also available.

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The Psychometric Portal® provides an excellent variety of instruments. The flexibility offered by the 360 tool is crucial in our industry and being able to use the system on a pay-as-you-go basis is a huge benefit.

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Your team are excellent at patiently dealing with my queries.

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We are delighted to recommend the use of eras products for use within both recruitment campaigns and for employee development. The tools that we use for both purposes have a good level of flexibility and can be matched against roles of all types and levels within our business.

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360-degree assessment and feedback is an amazing method of employee review that is used by many big businesses. It is designed to provide each employee the opportunity to receive feedback on their performance from supervisors, managers, reporting staff, co-workers and more. However, all of these evaluations can be given anonymously.

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