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From personality assessments to cognitive aptitude tests, eras delivers a comprehensive suite of tools to identify, nurture, and optimisze talent. Use data-driven decisions backed by the latest advancements in psychometrics to elevate your organisational performance. Join the forefront of HR excellence and discover a new way of understanding individuals.

How can my business benefit from The Psychometric Portal®?

Elevate your business with The Psychometric Portal®'s multifaceted benefits. Uncover ideal candidates through robust assessments and targeted skill enhancement. Informed decisions are at your fingertips as you compare candidate traits to role profiles. Embrace well-rounded growth strategies with diverse feedback, while also laying the cornerstone for organisational change and heightened performance. Streamline recruitment, reduce bias, and optimise training efforts, all contributing to your business's success. The Psychometric Portal® empowers you to reach new heights.

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What's included with The Psychometric Portal®?

The Psychometric Portal® encompasses a comprehensive range of features and tools designed to facilitate your assessment and development needs. Within this cloud-based platform, you can gain access to the following:

Rapidly growing UK personality questionnaire, favoured by major companies for selection and development. Renowned for advanced feedback, driving widespread adoption across different organisations.

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Simplified Pricing for Your Psychometric Assessment Needs

Discover a pricing model designed for clarity and convenience with The Psychometric Portal®. Our commitment to simplicity ensures exceptional value for all your psychometric assessment requirements. Operating on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) credit system, you can easily refill your account with credits to access reports, with no charges for participant assessments themselves. You'll only pay for the reports generated based on assessment results, eliminating concerns about credit shortages disrupting your assessments.

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National Theatre

I watched the session at the CIPD conference and thought it was one of the best sessions of the day.

Gabriela Gandolfini National Theatre
Talentum Partnership

The Psychometric Portal® provides an excellent variety of instruments. The flexibility offered by the 360 tool is crucial in our industry and being able to use the system on a pay-as-you-go basis is a huge benefit.

Kayleigh Ansell-Shaw - Talent Director Talentum Partnership

eras customer service is one of the best I have seen.

Wellcome Trust Sanger

The Psychometric Portal is a very good tool to use in recruitment selection and staff development

Wellcome Trust Sanger
Revolution Bars

We have been working with eras for many years now and specifically use the 360 function regularly. The 360 function is fantastic as we can amend it to suit whatever we need. It's easy to use and produces really useful information in a very professional report. When working with eras I've personally found them to be extremely responsive and very helpful, they go out of their way to support and find solutions.

Lee Moody Revolution Bars

I thoroughly enjoyed the Ability and Personality courses at eras. The trainers are very knowledgeable, bringing the subject of psychometrics to life, and there is a nice blend of practical and theory to cement learning objectives in place. I highly recommend it to HR, L&D or Recruitment professionals!


What I like about The Quest Profiler® is the wealth of different outputs it provides, from team styles to conflict handling, and from culture matching to competencies. You would normally have to use multiple personality tools to achieve this, but they all come from the same 25 minute questionnaire!

Snow Software

We use The Quest Profiler® and the wider eras tools heavily at Snow and they are a key part of our kit. From recruiting tools to developmental psychometrics for individuals and teams through to leadership 360s the quality of the data and reports has made a significant difference to our people worldwide. They gain insights and actionable feedback that helps them grow and build the success and careers they aspire to.

Snow Software
NNUH NHS Foundation Trust

I have been delighted by the service offered by eras. The team are incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and I find the psychometrics invaluable as part of our offer for selection and leadership development.

Sarah Pask Associate Director of Organisational L&D NNUH NHS Foundation Trust
East Anglian Air Ambulance

eras have been invaluable to the recruitment and development strands of our people piece at East Anglian Air Ambulance. We highly value their expertise and professionalism in what can be a crowded and confusing market.

Sarah Atkins East Anglian Air Ambulance

Benefits of The Psychometric Portal®

Explore the array of advantages that The Psychometric Portal® brings to individuals and organisations alike, offering deep insights into personality traits, cognitive abilities and more.

Cloud Based

The Portal is completely online, meaning there is no software to install and you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Easy to Use

With simple on-screen instructions, user guides and tutorials all available within the portal, our clients have told us they find it very user-friendly.


Once set up, there are no annual fees or licences, just a simple pay-as-you-go credits system - pay for what you actually use and not just what's available.

Free Trial

Think 'The Psychometric Portal®' is right for you and your business? Try out the entire platform free of charge for one month to see how easy you find it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose eras?

Clear Pricing

Our prices are competitive and transparent. There are no hidden costs and we have always matched top quality with affordability.

Great Customer Service

We are regularly complimented on the quality of our customer service and have been since we were first established in 1982.

No Contracts

We have no annual licence fees or other hidden expenses. Our approach is a credit based 'pay as you go' approach, where credits never expire.

Varied & Detailed Reports

Our reports are insightful, thorough and user-friendly. The Quest Profiler® is BPS registered and suitable for both recruitment and employee development.

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