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In a rapidly evolving business landscape, informed decisions and strategic planning are paramount to success. Our seasoned consultants bring a blend of industry insights, innovative thinking and data-driven strategies to the table. Whether you're aiming to optimise operations, navigate market shifts, or capitalise on emerging opportunities, our consultancy services are designed to empower your organisation.

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Why does my business need consultancy services?

eras' consultancy services offer an indispensable boost to your business, providing specialised expertise and impartial insights that drive strategic growth and excellence. Our flexible solutions are tailored to your unique needs, backed by a proven track record of delivering tangible results and garnering exceptional feedback.

With a focus on psychometrics and organisational development, we empower your business with valuable insights, from talent assessment to leadership enhancement, providing a competitive edge. Our consultancy services also optimise resource allocation, shape organisational culture, and offer sensitive guidance when needed. Partnering with eras for consultancy ensures that your business benefits from a trusted ally committed to your success through customised strategies, expert guidance and impactful outcomes.

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Benefits of Psychometric Consultancy Services

Have Access to Psychometric Expertise

You will work closely with a consultant who brings vital industry insights, innovative thinking and data-driven strategies. This specialised expertise will help to give your business a boost.

Flexible Solutions

Psychometric Consultancy services are hugely flexible and can be tailored to the exact needs of any business. These consultancy services will also help to deliver tangible results and garner exceptional feedback that can help the business make much more informed decisions on recruitment and development.

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Why Choose eras for Consultancy?

Expertise & Impartiality

With extensive industry experience, our team offers great expertise and an unbiased perspective to your challenges, whether in-house or requiring external insight, ensuring a well-rounded approach.

Flexible Solutions

Our consultancy services are designed to adapt to your unique needs, providing the right solutions at the right time. From organisational restructuring to feedback mechanisms, we offer comprehensive support.

Proven Track Record

Our consultancy services have garnered excellent feedback from a diverse range of satisfied clients. This track record speaks to our commitment to delivering results and adding tangible value to your business.

Bourn Hall

My eras contact always replies to her emails extremely promptly and makes me feel nothing is too much trouble for her. This level of customer service is quite rare which is why it stands out and I wanted to give credit and praise where it is due.

Bourn Hall
Reality HR

eras are a real pleasure to work with. As well as great customer support, they always go the extra mile and are very responsive to our needs. The Psychometric Portal® is extremely user friendly as well as completely customisable with our own branding.

Reality HR

I thoroughly enjoyed the Ability and Personality courses at eras. The trainers are very knowledgeable, bringing the subject of psychometrics to life, and there is a nice blend of practical and theory to cement learning objectives in place. I highly recommend it to HR, L&D or Recruitment professionals!

East Anglian Air Ambulance

eras have been invaluable to the recruitment and development strands of our people piece at East Anglian Air Ambulance. We highly value their expertise and professionalism in what can be a crowded and confusing market.

Sarah Atkins East Anglian Air Ambulance
Adnams Plc

Our relationship with eras spans more than 10 years and the Team there have consistently exceeded our expectations. They have the ability to understand our business drivers and our culture and then identify the resources that will help us meet our goals.

Sadie Lofthouse Head of Human Resources Adnams Plc
Snow Software

We use The Quest Profiler® and the wider eras tools heavily at Snow and they are a key part of our kit. From recruiting tools to developmental psychometrics for individuals and teams through to leadership 360s the quality of the data and reports has made a significant difference to our people worldwide. They gain insights and actionable feedback that helps them grow and build the success and careers they aspire to.

Snow Software
2 Sisters Food Group

The eras team provide exceptional support that is not only professional but human as well. No 'ask' is ever too much and any queries or concerns I have are addressed promptly, reflecting a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.

Paul Aggett Divisional L&D Manager 2 Sisters Food Group
Talentum Partnership

The Psychometric Portal® provides an excellent variety of instruments. The flexibility offered by the 360 tool is crucial in our industry and being able to use the system on a pay-as-you-go basis is a huge benefit.

Kayleigh Ansell-Shaw - Talent Director Talentum Partnership
The Wine Society

We are delighted to recommend the use of eras products for use within both recruitment campaigns and for employee development. The tools that we use for both purposes have a good level of flexibility and can be matched against roles of all types and levels within our business.

Andrea Harkness HR Advisor The Wine Society
Benefit Cosmetics

The results and awards reinforced the areas of engagement that Benefit felt it was already strong in. Employees' positive feedback told the company that certain elements of engagement had long been successful. Other feedback confirmed that the business was on the right track in terms of focusing on the areas that needed improvement.

Benefit Cosmetics

Our Consultancy Services

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Psychometric consultants will help you to introduce psychometric assessments that are tailored to your business's exact needs. Consultants can also use the data gathered to help advise you on evidence-based recommendations. This is very important, as consultants will provide you with unbiased comparisons and recommendations.

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