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Both culture and engagement are vital components of a healthy and successful business. Culture and engagement surveys are utilised by many big businesses to measure the health of their organisation and identify areas that they can improve upon. This growth mindset not only helps to keep employees engaged and enjoying their work but also helps grow the overall performance and success of the business

Are There Any Tests for Workplace Culture?

The culture, values, employee engagement and wellbeing within an organisation are widely acknowledged as having key influences on its performance and effectiveness. These influences can be both positive and negative, and may impact on both harder quantitative aspects of organisational performance (e.g. productivity, profitability) and softer qualitative aspects (e.g. staff morale, motivation and team work).

It has also been suggested that the most effective business leaders are those who pay attention not only to what a company does in terms of its operations, but also to how it does it. Additionally, the impact of an organisation's culture and values often extends beyond those who work directly for it - for example, it can also impact on customers, suppliers and prospective recruits.

An organisation's culture and values will therefore have a crucial impact on the way it operates. It influences what behaviours are rewarded, how people work together and how decisions are made. Managers need to have access to accurate, reliable and comprehensive information about their organisation's perceived culture and values and to act promptly yet sensitively to deal with the implications that follow.

It is not until you have identified your organisation's strengths and development needs that you can create an effective solution that will form a solid foundation for the future. Culture & Engagement provides you with the foundation stone for change in your organisation, and is a real catalyst for improving business performance.

An Organisation's Culture & Values Are Measured By Its Employees On The Following Scales

Our strategy requires as many employees as possible within the organisation or one of its sites to rate how they perceive the organisation.

For example, if everyone in the survey answered 'strongly agree' to the questions related to a specific culture and values area (e.g. Team Work) then the score would be a '10'. It is a measure of how employees feel about your organisation. The different areas that employees can rank are below:

Organisational Culture

Clarity of Vision

The awareness of the aims and objectives of the organisation and how it means to reach them.


The enthusiasm for working at the organisation and willingness to contribute to its success.

Learning From Mistakes

The ability for an organisation to learn from its mistakes and take steps to avoid repeating them.


Shows how much your employees understand what it means to work for your organisation and actively promote its ideals.

Organisational Wellbeing

The extent to which people feel the organisation has a helpful and effective policy on wellbeing and supports its employees in this respect.

Organisational Engagement

How engaging the organisation is to work for as a whole in the opinion of its employees, together with their views on how it treats others.

People Values


The emphasis on colleagues being honest, open, trusting and fair with each other.

Team Work

The encouragement within an organisation for people to co-operate and work together.

Customer Focus

The importance placed on customers and their needs by an organisation.


The recognition and respect for individuality and diversity within an organisation.

Staff Development

The emphasis on training staff and encouraging them to learn new skills.

Personal Wellbeing

The degree of wellbeing experienced by the people who work for the organisation and how much they minimise their levels of stress.

Personal Engagement

How engaged people feel working for the organisation and how much they are inspired by doing so.

Task Values


The maintenance of high work standards, eliminating faults and improvement of procedures.


The encouragement of new ideas and approaches, original thinking and creativity.

Business Focus

The weight an organisation places on performance, profit, commercial success and growth.


The freedom of colleagues to work in their own way, take the initiative and implement their ideas.


Shows how much your employees feel that they get regular feedback on their performance and understand how their role contributes to success.

Culture & Engagement Reports

Culture, values, employee engagement and wellbeing are vital to the performance and effectiveness of a business. These reports allow your business to identify the strengths and weaknesses within your business to allow you to make more informed decisions about what is working well and what must be improved upon. The Culture & Engagement Reports contain the following sections:

Survey Details 1/1

Culture & Engagement allows you to compare your results to other organisations, and to your own past surveys. To allow you to put the information in context, survey details are provided regarding the number of people who took part, the dates over which they completed it, the region of area where the survey took place, the sector of the workforce involved and the size of the organisation participating. This information is also provided for any comparison groups you choose to include in the survey, and your own past survey results.

Customisable Initial Questions 1/2

The initial section of the questionnaire is fully customisable, allowing you to ask questions to gather factual information that describes the participants who have been asked to take part in the survey. We provide a default range of questions, but this section can be tailored to include any information that you would like to collect. Questions can be single/multiple choice or open text, voluntary or compulsory and can all be used to further analyse the results gathered from the Culture & Values, and Employee Engagement sections of the survey.

Culture, Values, Engagement & Wellbeing 1/5

The culture, values and level of employee engagement within an organisation are widely acknowledged as having key influences on its performance and effectiveness. This is also true of how an organisation handles the wellbeing of its employees, which is particularly apparent during difficult times. These influences can impact on both harder quantitative aspects of organisational performance (e.g. productivity, profitability) and softer qualitative aspects (e.g. staff morale and motivation). This section of the survey looks at how an organisation is perceived by measuring a selection of scales including clarity of vision, motivation, organisational learning, integrity, team work, customer focus, diversity, staff development, quality, innovation, business focus and autonomy. Engagement and wellbeing are explored at both an individual and an organisational level.

Top Values 1/8

The survey asks participants to identify the top three areas from the Culture, Values, Engagement and Wellbeing section that matter most to their own personal motivation, as well as the three which they feel matter most to the future success of their organisation. This optional area is very useful for focusing on any subsequent changes that organisations might want to make on the basis of a survey by highlighting what employees really consider important to prioritise. It prevents being distracted by areas which very few consider to be important.

Initial Question Splits 1/11

Sometimes it is necessary to understand how different demographic groups perceive your organisation in a variety of ways. Using the initial questions asked at the start of the survey you can use the Culture & Engagement tool to find out how the perception of your organisation varies by department, region, specialism or any other questions you choose to ask.

Comments 1/12

Sometimes a survey will not discuss all of the topics that a participant may want to address. Whenever a participant is asked to complete a Culture & Engagement survey, they are asked to provide some follow up comments that relate to the feedback they have provided as part of the survey itself, or that they feel need to be raised or included as part of the Culture & Engagement process. Ensuring that participants are able to provide comments ensures that voices are heard, views are acknowledged and insights are valued.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cultural surveys involve looking at the collective behaviour and expectations of employees, while employee engagement surveys focus more on the factors that motivate an employee to continuously perform at their best. Our surveys look at both, as well as areas like wellbeing and values.
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