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The Job Match tools are ideal for the identification of areas to probe at interview, for candidate sifting during the recruitment process, or for the identification of training and development needs.

The Job Match tools will allow you to match candidates against key requirements of an ideal role profile, allowing you to better identify development needs and sift applicants. Job Match can be applied to both The Quest Profiler® and the Job Match Matrix reports.

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Generate a detailed set of ideally-suited interview questions around all the areas relevant to the job, as well as seeing at a glance whether a candidate is appropriate or inappropriate on a requirement-by-requirement basis. The Guide focuses interviewing on the exact qualities needed for the role.
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When matching numerous participants, the Job Match Matrix will allow you to compare the competencies and behaviours of numerous individuals against your chosen Ideal Role Profile, created using Job Analysis. The Job Match Matrix also provides an extremely useful overall match score, allowing you to better sift and select applicants or identify training and development needs.
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When matching an individual participant, reports from The Quest Profiler can be matched to an Ideal Role Profile of your choosing. Competencies and behaviours which have been identified as crucial are highlighted in the report, and are each compared to the ideal range of values defined in your Ideal Role Profile.
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Once an ideal role profile has been created using Job Analysis, a summary of the role can be downloaded. This summary report includes descriptions of the behaviours and competencies that have been identified as important or crucial to the role and, for interview purposes, a range of competency based interview questions can be included in the report.