How does a personality assessment work?

The individual will sit down and be asked some questions or asked to endorse some statements. One particular format is one where they get five statements and they have to say which is most like them, which is least like them, but teases apart what’s really key about them. By comparing your answers with a relevant group, we can see how strong your preference in particular areas may be. This gives great insight into an individual, helping to guide your understanding of yourself and how best to support you.

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Whether you are looking to complement your existing psychometric portfolio or introduce profiling to your organisation for the first time, you will find that our cost-effective pricing (no licence fees or lock-in contracts) together with great customer service is hard to beat.

This has helped make The Quest Profiler® one of the fastest-growing personality questionnaires in the UK, used for both selection and development by some of Britain’s biggest companies. Many organisations still rely on interviews to assess behavioural characteristics, but all too often this is done in a less than standardised and objective manner. Additionally, whilst the interview process can be excellent at measuring competencies such as oral communication skills, it is less reliable at predicting many other important factors of behaviour.

The Quest Profiler® is incredibly easy to use, and is extremely well-suited for the recruitment and development of both individual participants and larger groups of candidates. There are three types of reports available, the details of which can be found below. Each of these reports is available at three levels: Standard, Full, and Premium. These reports have varying levels of content, and vary in cost accordingly. In addition to this you can customise the Premium report's suggested development interventions (training recommendations etc.) to match exactly what you offer.

Selection & Recruitment Report <small>(Classic)</small>

Selection & Recruitment Report (Classic)

This version is recommended to be used in selection, restructure and senior level development. The results are based on 1-10 sten scores allowing for the clear identification of even the smallest of preferences.
Individual Development Report

Individual Development Report

This report is designed for both individual development and team facilitation. It uses a simple 3-point scale and identifies behaviours in a more light-hearted manner (animals).
Team Report

Team Report

This report is designed for both individual development and team facilitation. It uses a simple 3-point scale and identifies behaviours in a more light-hearted manner (animals).

The Quest Profiler® Levels

The Quest Profiler® offers reports with three different levels of detail, giving you a comprehensive psychometric assessment to suit your needs:

Standard - offers behavioural preferences, leadership styles, and team styles.
Full - offers all of the elements of the standard package with the addition of sales performance, culture match, and competencies.
Premium - combines the standard and full packages and includes leadership approach, conflict handling, Jungian type, emotional behaviours, and development interventions.

For an additional 15 credits, you can match each of these levels against a job profile.

Behavioural Preferences

Behavioural preferences are useful in both the selection and learning & development applications, enabling businesses to structure and enhance their interviews. By focusing on different areas such as People, Thinking, Feeling, and Drive, you can gain insight into the building blocks of personalities.

Leadership Styles

The Quest Profiler® identifies the six most prevalent ways to lead others and identifies which individuals are likely to adopt these approaches. The analysis provides information on those seeking to gain leadership roles and how best to support their development.

Matching Role Profiles

Finding the perfect match for a role has become increasingly difficult and hiring the wrong candidate can cost businesses valuable time and resources. By matching against a Role Profile, you can ensure that candidates are a good fit at a glance, allowing you the opportunity to dive deeper into their application.

Sales Performance

Many people within your business will interact with clients in a sales capacity. Whether this is in the traditional sense or in a supportive role, it is important to get an understanding of the role and candidates for the development of the team and the recruitment process.

Culture Match

Culture is a vital part of businesses. The Quest Profiler® will help you identify which aspects of an organisation’s culture is likely to be appealing, helping to support your teams in the way that they feel is more valuable and important to them.


Certain jobs require specific competencies, but identifying them in candidates can be challenging. Through a competency analysis, you can gain insight into the behaviours required for a role and then have interview questions generated to suit these competencies.

Leadership Approach

Leaders approach situations in different ways, and knowing the leadership approach your employees adopt will help you build more effective teams. Do you have transformational or transactional leaders in your business? It can help to find out.

Conflict Handling

Conflict happens in all organisations, but knowing how best to handle it can make the difference between resolving the problem and further problems for your business. By identifying key behaviours and gaining insight into how your team responds to conflict, you can introduce leadership training and stress management programmes to suit their needs.

Jungian Type

Personality ‘types’ were introduced to the world by psychoanalyst Carl Jung and then popularised in things such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). While this is often seen as a simplistic view of a person, the Quest Profiler® takes it to a deeper level. Not only can you see where candidates might sit, but you can also see how strongly they might exhibit those behaviours.

Emotional Behaviours

Emotional intelligence is important in businesses, as it can be used as a source of help, motivation, and inspiration for others. The Quest Profiler® examines the emotional state of the workplace, helping you to develop individuals, increase engagement, and motivate your teams.

Development Interventions

Continued professional development has become a focus for businesses over the years. This helps to ensure candidates are happy and can meet business targets and goals. Development Interventions are used to not only diagnose areas of further development, but also provide insight into the best steps forward.