Team Facilitation Workshop

Team Facilitation Workshop

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This workshop, which can be carried out over a half-day will use output from a personality questionnaire as well as discussions and exercises facilitated by a consultant. Using the personality instrument, The Quest Profiler® (completed online prior to the workshop), team members will get to know more about the way they prefer to work and crucially also how their colleagues do. It can be demonstrated through an examination of personality expressed through five broad areas (engaging and brought to life using illustrative colours and animals), as well as team roles, leadership styles and approaches to conflict and its resolution, that not everyone works the same way but that an appreciation of individual differences can make working to a common goal more effective.

Target Audience: The session is aimed at getting new teams to understand each other’s preferred style of working or to help reduce tensions and conflicts within existing teams. The session also works extremely well for professionals who rarely get to together other than for management meetings.

Medium Groups

  • Up to 10 people
  • Half Day
  • £1,080

Large Groups

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