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The Clerical and Admin Series tests assess the aptitude of candidates for clerical, administrative or support roles. They can be used across a wide range of functions including Customer Advisors, Call Centre staff, Secretarial and Data Entry roles Here at eras, we are leading providers of four main clerical and admin assessments: word usage, proof checking, computation and cross-checking. Our tests are able to collect accurate data on candidates' administrative competencies, the valuable skill sets that they possess and their suitability for clerical job positions.

What Are Clerical Aptitude Tests?

Clerical and Administrative assessments are a commonly used method to test an individual's ability to perform relevant clerical and admin tasks. These assessments are frequently used in the pre-employment stage and are used to measure a candidate's performance and ability to perform tasks such as typing, data entry, numerical reasoning and critical thinking.

As of recently, these admin aptitude tests have been fundamental for employers to test whether job applicants have the essential skills and knowledge to be successful in clerical and admin positions. It is not uncommon for organisations to request applicants complete clerical and admin assessments and pass with a certain score before an official offer of employment is provided.

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Exploring Varieties of Clerical & Admin Tests

Different aptitude tests measure different skills and traits, such as concentration, accuracy, comprehension, and more. Each test is designed to measure specific skills and traits, such as using correct vocabulary and proofreading.

Clerical and admin tests are less complex than managerial and professional assessments. However, this form of assessment is equally as important and should not be overlooked during the hiring process. Some widely accepted types of admin assessments include:

  • Word usage tests
  • Basic numeracy skills tests
  • Error checking proficiency tests

It is important that employers utilise appropriate clerical assessments to determine a candidate's suitability. Each test has its own strengths in its ability to measure an applicant's skill-set and whether there is an alignment between the applicant and the jobs themselves.

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Our Clerical & Admin Series of Tests

Word Usage (CWU1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to select pairs of words which fit into a given sentence. This may involve the use of grammar, meaning or spelling.

Proof Checking (CPC1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to compare lines of text and check that the original text has been copied over correctly.

Computation (CCT1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to make quick but accurate calculations.

Cross Checking (CCC1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to compare and check the accuracy of two types of documentation that might be used in a warehouse or dispatch office.

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Is Clerical & Admin Testing Right For You?

Continuity and smooth operations are crucial in corporate environments. This is why business support positions are highly sought after roles with a high level of responsibility. During the hiring process, an employer may opt to use clerical and administrative assessments to verify the suitability of candidates that will eventually play a vital role in their business operations.

If your organisation operates within industries such as corporate, education, manufacturing, medicine and many others, then you may benefit from using admin aptitude testing to find the correct candidates for your business support roles. These tests can assess a wide range of skills like accuracy and speed, time management and efficiency in an objective, non-biased way.

Ultimately, clerical aptitude assessments can benefit your business in making informed choices during the hiring process and increase the chances of finding a suitable candidate for open positions. If this sounds like something your business needs, why not contact us today? We'll work to meet your specific business requirements and help find the right aptitude tests for you.

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