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The Operative Series assess the ability to reason with basic information and the visual representation characteristic of the work of a range of shop floor staff. No assumptions are made about the educational standards, although those with tangible attainments in secondary education are potentially likely to do better. These tests are appropriate for assessing unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled operatives in a range of industries including manufacturing, production, warehousing and logistics and could potentially be used to select for the grade of first line supervisor — but not for higher positions where other tests are likely to be more suitable.

What are Operative Tests?

Operational aptitude testing is a widely accepted tool to measure a manufacturing or shop floor candidate's ability to reason with basic information. These types of tests are often referred to as mechanical reasoning aptitude tests and are used during the recruitment process for jobs in fields such as engineering, the army, manufacturing and many more.

Operative assessments are typically carried out by an employer but it's not uncommon that an external recruitment agency might carry out the assessments. The desirable skills that are being assessed during a test are likely to vary from business to business and even from role to role. That's why, as an organisation, having a clearly defined understanding of what attributes and skill-sets you're looking for will allow for successful candidate selection that aligns with core company values.

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Exploring Varieties of Operative Tests

In terms of aptitude testing during the recruitment process, there is a wide range of aptitude tests that are commonly used within the recruitment process. All with numerous questions and forms of delivery that are tailored to draw out key skills from applicants that are desirable to an employer. The most common traits that are being measured from most forms of psychometric aptitude tests are concentration, accuracy, reasoning and attention to detail.

Generally speaking, Operative aptitude testing can be argued to be less complex than the likes of Supervisory and Team Leader tests. They test simple abilities such as whether a candidate can follow instructions, however they can also test mechanical understanding - something that doesn't come easily to everyone. Some well known operative assessments include:

  • Understanding written instructions
  • Using numbers at work
  • Understanding mechanical principles

It is useful if hiring managers and recruitment consultants implement various forms of operative psychometric tests to gain a holistic understanding of a potential candidate and whether they will be a suitable fit for the company and the job role itself.

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Our Operative Series of Tests

Mechanical Understanding (OSM1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to reason with and apply their mechanical knowledge.

Using Numbers (OSN1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to answer questions about stock levels of components and their usage.

Following Instructions (OSF1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to follow a set of written instructions.

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Is Operative Testing Right For You?

Using Operative aptitude tests is a great way to determine the competency of job applicants during the hiring process. These tests are designed to examine a wide range of skills and determine suitability for roles such as logistics operatives and engineers.

By administering industrial skills tests it's possible for a company to gain a holistic understanding of a candidate's qualifications and workplace abilities. This can provide an informed choice for hiring managers during the recruitment process and help find the right person for the job.

If you are interested in utilising aptitude testing in your recruitment process, we invite you to contact us for further assistance. During our consultation, we will assess your specific business requirements and assist you in identifying the most appropriate test or developing custom solutions to best fit your needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out for additional information.

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