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Specialist aptitude tests are specially designed to look at an individual's ability in a particular area. This means that an employer or a recruiter can give its candidates aptitude tests that are much more tailored to their specific niche or industry. While traditional aptitude tests are designed to cover a wide range of abilities, these specialist aptitude tests are designed to test very specific skill sets.

What are Specialist Tests?

Specialist aptitude tests are abstract reasoning tests, which are particularly useful in assessing an individual's skills in areas such as coding and many others. While this is not specific to one industry in particular, recruiters can utilise these tests for positions where abstract reasoning and working with symbols or code is an integral part of the role. These specialist aptitude tests are designed to test very specific skill sets.

These tests measure the ability to reason using symbols, rather than written text or numbers. This is useful for a wide range of different careers. For example, IT positions involving extensive manipulation of information coded in symbols closely relate to this ability, especially those where coding is an integral component. However, it is not limited to this field. For example, the electric and chemical engineering fields, in which symbolic or coded representations are commonplace, rely heavily on this skill.

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Our Specialist Series of Tests

Inductive Reasoning (SPI1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to work out rules based on different patterns and shapes - critical when problem solving is important.

Deductive Reasoning (SPD1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to deduce the next steps in a symbolic sequence.

Spatial Reasoning (SPS1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to perceive three-dimensional objects based on two-dimensional plans.

Benefits of Specialist Aptitude Tests

Skills Useful To A Variety Of Roles

These Specialist aptitude tests are designed to test candidates on specific skills, which are highly favoured across a range of different industries: from IT to architecture. This allows recruiters and employers to test candidates on particular skills to understand what they best excel in.

More Qualified & Skilled Employers

These more industry-related tests allow recruiters to get a better understanding of who will thrive most within the specific job role. This therefore leads to much more qualified and skilled candidates getting the roles.

Hire Based On Useful Skills

With traditional aptitude tests, a lot of the data that you receive may be irrelevant to the role. However, when businesses use speciality aptitude tests, they will clearly be able to see what areas of the role this candidate will bring useful skills, and what areas they may need to work on.

Increased Recruitment Efficiency

These particular tests make the decision-making stages of recruitment far simpler. This is because they will have the necessary skill information from the tests to decide who is most skilled and equipped for the job role.

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Are Specialist Aptitude Tests Right For You?

If you wish to recruit those who excel in abstract reasoning, symbol manipulation, and critical thinking, these tests offer valuable insights into their cognitive abilities and areas for improvement. Ideal for selecting individuals into roles such as IT, engineering, or architecture, where proficiency in symbolic representation is highly beneficial. Whether candidates aspire to a career in coding, data manipulation, or specialised engineering disciplines, eras' specialist tests provide a tailored assessment to align skills with industry demands.

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A specialist aptitude test is a test that has been specially designed to test an individual's skills related to abstract reasoning and symbols. They are commonly used within recruitment and development as they provide accurate data for determining someone's ability to perform in a wide variety of roles.

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