Job Analysis

Make Smarter Recruitment Decisions

The Job Analysis tools are ideal for the identification of areas to probe at interview, for candidate sifting during the recruitment process, or for the identification of training and development needs.

Our revolutionary Job Analysis tools allow you to identify the key requirements of a particular role. Your Ideal Role Profile can be generated with our Job Analysis questionnaire, or you may design a bespoke Ideal Role Profile by picking your own mix of behaviours and competencies.

Benefits of Job Analysis

Helps To Create The Perfect Job Match

The Job Analysis process provides valuable job-related data. This can help managers and job analysts better understand the responsibilities, risks and hazards of a specific job as well as understand the skills required to perform the job effectively.

Establish Effective Hiring Processes

Are you ever wondering what roles need to be filled? How to target a job opening? Or any other recruitment-based question? Job Analysis can provide you with all the answers you need and can provide businesses and managers with information to establish an effective and efficient hiring process.

Identify Training & Development Needs

The Job Analysis process can help to answer many of the important questions that managers may have surrounding training and development needs. It will therefore help to identify the training and development needs of a business.

Performance Evaluation

The Job Analysis process also helps the evaluation of performance. This is because it allows managers to compare the desired output or performance to an individual's actual or current performance. This can help to decide who gets promoted and also who could do with some extra development.

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Designing an Ideal Role Profile can be difficult if you don't have the expertise in the position you're looking to fill - the Job Analysis Questionnaire makes this a fast and easy process. The questionnaire can be sent to the individual that will have the best idea of what mix of competencies it takes for someone to be successful in their role, reducing the number of interviews and meetings you need to compile your own role profile.

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Self Designed

If you already know what behaviours and competencies are important or crucial to the role that you're trying to fill, creating a self designed Ideal Role Profile will allow you to do so with ease. The ideal sten scores for any of the behaviours, styles, types or competencies available in The Quest Profiler® can be included in an Ideal Role Profile. Once created, role summaries can be generated that define the role and also provide a range of competency based interview questions.

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Role Profile Summary

Once an Ideal Role Profile has been created using Job Analysis, a summary of the role can be downloaded. This summary report includes descriptions of the behaviours and competencies that have been identified as important or crucial to the role and, for interview purposes, a range of competency based interview questions can be included in the report.

Introduction 1/1

Briefs you on what to expect from the report and gives you an estimate on how well you can expect participants to match your role profile.

Competencies 1/2

Provides possible competency based interview questions for each competency that is considered important for the Ideal Role Profile.

Behaviours 1/3

Shows the behaviours that are considered important for the Ideal Role Profile and an indication of the scores an appropriate candidate should achieve on those behaviours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Job Analysis is a process of assessing a job role, including the skills required, training required and the tasks that are involved in the job. This helps businesses to better understand what the job role entails and also what capabilities a candidate must have to be effective in the job role.
Tulip Ltd

The Quest Profiler is the most versatile personality instrument I have ever used. It does everything from generating interview questions to offering advice for future development. Whatever my needs are, it meets them in full.

Alison Nash Tulip Ltd
Snow Software

We use The Quest Profiler® and the wider eras tools heavily at Snow and they are a key part of our kit. From recruiting tools to developmental psychometrics for individuals and teams through to leadership 360s the quality of the data and reports has made a significant difference to our people worldwide. They gain insights and actionable feedback that helps them grow and build the success and careers they aspire to.

Snow Software
East Anglian Air Ambulance

eras have been invaluable to the recruitment and development strands of our people piece at East Anglian Air Ambulance. We highly value their expertise and professionalism in what can be a crowded and confusing market.

Sarah Atkins East Anglian Air Ambulance
NNUH NHS Foundation Trust

I have been delighted by the service offered by eras. The team are incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and I find the psychometrics invaluable as part of our offer for selection and leadership development.

Sarah Pask Associate Director of Organisational L&D NNUH NHS Foundation Trust

I thoroughly enjoyed the Ability and Personality courses at eras. The trainers are very knowledgeable, bringing the subject of psychometrics to life, and there is a nice blend of practical and theory to cement learning objectives in place. I highly recommend it to HR, L&D or Recruitment professionals!

Wellcome Trust Sanger

The Psychometric Portal is a very good tool to use in recruitment selection and staff development

Wellcome Trust Sanger

Your team are excellent at patiently dealing with my queries.

Jennifer Maddox Insight-Out
MacMillan Cancer Support

Your customer service is outstanding.

MacMillan Cancer Support
The Wine Society

We are delighted to recommend the use of eras products for use within both recruitment campaigns and for employee development. The tools that we use for both purposes have a good level of flexibility and can be matched against roles of all types and levels within our business.

Andrea Harkness HR Advisor The Wine Society
Revolution Bars

We have been working with eras for many years now and specifically use the 360 function regularly. The 360 function is fantastic as we can amend it to suit whatever we need. It's easy to use and produces really useful information in a very professional report. When working with eras I've personally found them to be extremely responsive and very helpful, they go out of their way to support and find solutions.

Lee Moody Revolution Bars

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