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The Job Match tools are ideal for the identification of areas to probe at interview, for candidate sifting during the recruitment process, or for the identification of training and development needs.

The Job Match tools will allow you to match candidates against key requirements of an ideal role profile, allowing you to better identify development needs and sift applicants. Job Match can be applied to The Quest Profiler®, Job Match Matrix and Interview Guide reports.

Interview Guide

Role Profile Summary 1/2

This allows you to see at a glance just how closely matched someone is to a particular role. As well as an overall match for the role as a whole, it matches each specific aspect required: in each of these, is someone ideally matched or do they have too little or perhaps too much of what is required? This is an excellent overview: perfect for pinning down exactly why someone might not be a perfect fit for a particular position. Of course, if they're too wide of the mark, you might not bother to interview them at all!

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Custom Scales 1/3

One feature of this output is to allow you to come up with your own areas to probe which might not be covered by our personality questionnaire (The Quest Profiler®) but which are nevertheless of interest and which can usefully be probed at the same time as personality in relation to the role that is being explored. The sky's the limit in terms of what is explored here: as long as you're happy to write some relevant questions and anticipate what good and bad answers to those questions will look like, all manner of additional things can be examined.

Interview Questions 1/4

This is the crux of the matter: we generate suitable questions to examine each and every area of personality you decide it's appropriate to explore. It's all done for you and frequently picks up on how whoever filled in the questionnaire answered it in its phrasing. It even tells you what you're hoping to hear (and what you're hoping not to hear!). Any custom scales that you've created, with their own interview questions, can also be explored here.

Comparison Matrix

When matching numerous participants, the Job Match Matrix will allow you to compare the competencies and behaviours of numerous individuals against your chosen Ideal Role Profile, created using Job Analysis. The Job Match Matrix also provides an extremely useful overall match score, allowing you to better sift and select applicants or identify training and development needs.

In addition to the overall match score, matches (or mismatches) to every individual aspect of the role are identified, making it very easy to see how, even if someone is not an absolutely perfect match, where they match well and in which areas they might be falling down a bit. These can lead to further exploration, learning and development or adjustment of the role for the individual if that is possible.

Job Match & The Quest Profiler®

When matching an individual participant, reports from The Quest Profiler® can be matched to an Ideal Role Profile of your choosing. Competencies and behaviours which have been identified as crucial are highlighted in the report, and are each compared to the ideal range of values defined in your Ideal Role Profile. The remainder of the profile is 'greyed out' and is still possible to read, though it emphasises that those areas in grey are less important, at least relatively speaking. This can be useful in focusing discussion on the areas that really matter and not being unduly distracted by those areas which, for a particular position, are more peripheral or don't matter at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process of Job Matching is an analytical way of evaluating jobs and multiple different candidate profiles to find the perfect job match. Put simply, the algorithms allow recruiters to find the best job roles for candidates and the best candidates for different job roles.
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What I like about The Quest Profiler® is the wealth of different outputs it provides, from team styles to conflict handling, and from culture matching to competencies. You would normally have to use multiple personality tools to achieve this, but they all come from the same 25 minute questionnaire!

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The Psychometric Portal® provides an excellent variety of instruments. The flexibility offered by the 360 tool is crucial in our industry and being able to use the system on a pay-as-you-go basis is a huge benefit.

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eras are a real pleasure to work with. As well as great customer support, they always go the extra mile and are very responsive to our needs. The Psychometric Portal® is extremely user friendly as well as completely customisable with our own branding.

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The Psychometric Portal is a very good tool to use in recruitment selection and staff development

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