Team Report

The Quest Profiler®

The Team Quest report will allow you to combine multiple participants who have completed The Quest Profiler® questionnaire into one report. It can be used for team building, identifying potential areas of conflict, strengths, development needs, and gaps in preferences and competencies that may need to be addressed.

What's included in the Team Report?

eras’ Team Report enhances team dynamics and collaboration by providing insights into the composition of a team and its diverse behavioural preferences. This is available across three three different levels:


Ideal for teams seeking insights into their collective strengths and communication styles, the Standard foundation report sets the stage for building collaboration and effectiveness.

105 credits

  • Executive Summary
  • The Big Five
  • Team Styles
  • Leadership Styles


Tailored for team leaders and organisations striving for more comprehensive insights, the Full report is a valuable asset for fostering a harmonious and high-achieving team environment.

165 credits

  • Standard plus...
  • Culture Match
  • Competencies
  • Sales


Designed to maximise team potential, this report dives deep into interpersonal dynamics, conflict resolution, and leadership approaches, providing actionable strategies for transformative team development.

225 credits

  • Full plus...
  • Conflict Handling
  • Emotional Behaviours
  • Jungian Types
  • Transformational vs Transactional

Team Quest Reports

The Quest Profiler®

Read about your team's collective potential in an organised, straightforward report, with clear roadmaps and achievable goals based on individual behaviours.

Executive Summary 1/1

This section shows the key findings of the report in terms of the main similarities and differences within the team and their potential strengths and development areas.


The Big Five 1/6

Psychologists today are united in 'distilling' personality down into five broad factors which describe most of the variation in personality we encounter (not quite all, but certainly most!). Here we describe these five factors and see which apply to each members of your team, bringing the whole thing to life by associating each factor with a coloured animal: are your team predominately extravert red lions or brown meerkats who are really open to experience? In addition, we look at how each member will get on with others whose personalities are similar or different to their own.


Team Styles 1/9

Many people (one of the best-known being Meredith Belbin) have looked at the composition of teams and the roles individuals play within them. A team with no-one playing certain roles could have distinct deficiencies but it is also true that too many people trying to play the same role within a team could unbalance it or tear it apart. This section reveals what roles within a team are most comfortable for each member and the ones they are likely to slide into without too much prompting.


Conflict Handling 1/12

Which approaches are your team members likely to take in situations of conflict? The beauty of this section is that it allows for different, sometimes even contradictory, ways of dealing with conflict that each member is likely to adopt, in keeping with the fact that different conflicts require different coping styles.


Culture Match 1/14

Personality links closely to the kind of environment in which people work, who they work alongside and what they face on a daily basis. Someone who loves to be around people would find it really demotivating to be stuck working on their own and indeed vice versa. This section reveals what sort of working environment best matches the personality of each of your team members.


Competencies 1/16

Development needs a focus and this part of the report identifies areas relating to job performance which, according to behaviour, might already come easily or might require further action. Not all the competencies identified will be required for every role but the model is a generic one so there will be something to focus on for every team.


Emotional Behaviours 1/20

Emotion is so much part of the modern workplace. How emotional is someone and to what extent do they understand emotion. Emotional intelligence is discussed and its levels for each team member revealed: how easily does each member read other people's feelings - and, for that matter, their own?


Jungian Types 1/23

The Jungian model is primary used in people development when a simple approach to define Psychological Types is needed. It is this ability to describe behaviour in straight-forward terms which adds to its appeal.


Transformational vs Transactional 1/28

Is someone principally transactional or transformational - or maybe a bit of both? This section reveals what each team member's preferred behaviour suggests and where they might need help from others.


Leadership Styles 1/31

Although not everyone takes charge of a team of people, aspects of leadership are important in many areas of work. This section spotlights the preferred approaches to leadership taken by each member of your team and those they prefer to avoid. As well as focusing on people, it looks at the process and vision aspects of leadership.


Sales 1/34

If the team members are involved in operational sales, this will identify strengths and development areas not only within the human side of selling with its focus on face-to-face communication but also in the process side involving research, planning and follow-up, areas traditionally less popular among those involved in sales.


Your team are excellent at patiently dealing with my queries.

Jennifer Maddox Insight-Out
National Theatre

I watched the session at the CIPD conference and thought it was one of the best sessions of the day.

Gabriela Gandolfini National Theatre
Tulip Ltd

The Quest Profiler is the most versatile personality instrument I have ever used. It does everything from generating interview questions to offering advice for future development. Whatever my needs are, it meets them in full.

Alison Nash Tulip Ltd

What I like about The Quest Profiler® is the wealth of different outputs it provides, from team styles to conflict handling, and from culture matching to competencies. You would normally have to use multiple personality tools to achieve this, but they all come from the same 25 minute questionnaire!

Talentum Partnership

The Psychometric Portal® provides an excellent variety of instruments. The flexibility offered by the 360 tool is crucial in our industry and being able to use the system on a pay-as-you-go basis is a huge benefit.

Kayleigh Ansell-Shaw - Talent Director Talentum Partnership
NNUH NHS Foundation Trust

I have been delighted by the service offered by eras. The team are incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and I find the psychometrics invaluable as part of our offer for selection and leadership development.

Sarah Pask Associate Director of Organisational L&D NNUH NHS Foundation Trust
Snow Software

We use The Quest Profiler® and the wider eras tools heavily at Snow and they are a key part of our kit. From recruiting tools to developmental psychometrics for individuals and teams through to leadership 360s the quality of the data and reports has made a significant difference to our people worldwide. They gain insights and actionable feedback that helps them grow and build the success and careers they aspire to.

Snow Software
Adnams Plc

Our relationship with eras spans more than 10 years and the Team there have consistently exceeded our expectations. They have the ability to understand our business drivers and our culture and then identify the resources that will help us meet our goals.

Sadie Lofthouse Head of Human Resources Adnams Plc

I thoroughly enjoyed the Ability and Personality courses at eras. The trainers are very knowledgeable, bringing the subject of psychometrics to life, and there is a nice blend of practical and theory to cement learning objectives in place. I highly recommend it to HR, L&D or Recruitment professionals!

Norwich Door to Door

Thank you for the extra support you were able to give, it did help us focus, as it was meant to do.

Jill Gaul Norwich Door to Door

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