Specialist Series - Aptitude Tests

Specialist Series - Aptitude Tests

The Specialist Series tests assess the ability to reason with symbols, involving neither written text nor numbers. This ability is appropriate for specialist IT positions which involve extensive manipulation of information coded in symbols, particularly where coding is integral to the role. Specialist engineering (across all disciplines) and architectural roles rely extensively on this ability, where symbolic or coded representation is commonplace such as electric and chemical engineering.

Deductive Reasoning <small class='text-muted'>(SPD1)</small>

Deductive Reasoning (SPD1)

A test to assess a candidate’s ability to deduce the next steps in a symbolic sequence.
Inductive Reasoning <small class='text-muted'>(SPI1)</small>

Inductive Reasoning (SPI1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to work out rules based on different patterns and shapes - critical when problem solving is important.
Spatial Reasoning <small class='text-muted'>(SPS1)</small>

Spatial Reasoning (SPS1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to perceive three-dimensional objects based on two-dimensional plans.