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BPS Certified Occupational Test User: Ability (Level A)

Microsoft Teams Logo All of our Psychometric Training courses are now delivered though video conferencing (Microsoft Teams ). Please contact us for further information.

This two-day course gives you a thorough grounding in the use of psychometric assessment in the workplace. The course, verified by the British Psychological Society  and conforming to the highest professional standards, is extremely practical and grounded in real-life applications. There are no gruelling 'end-of-course tests' and, although there is a little calculation involved, it is kept at a pragmatic and - dare we say? - even enjoyable level.

The course includes an introduction to psychometric assessment, administering and feeding back actual tests, discovering how psychometrics provide significant return on investment, what to look for when choosing a test or questionnaire, how to spot the best potential employees in selection, and guidance on the ethical use of tests and questionnaires in the workplace

Small Groups
Up to 5 people
2 Days
Medium Groups
Up to 10 people
2 Days
Large Groups
More than 10 people
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