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Our Team Leader & Supervisory Aptitude Tests are designed to assess a candidate's ability to understand and evaluate numerical and verbal information from the world of work. These tests are ideal for assessing candidates for roles such as Team Leader, Supervisor, and Assistant Manager.

What are Supervisory & Team Leader Tests?

Supervisory and team leader tests are a form of psychometric aptitude testing that is a vital part of a candidate's ability to effectively lead a team. These tests are generally presented in a multiple-choice format. The questions are typically used to understand job applicants' thought processes and actions when in the workplace.

It is very common that the distribution of supervisor and leader tests is carried out either directly by the employer or through a third-party recruitment agency. The type of test that is administered varies from company to company depending on the position that they are looking to fill. However, no matter how it is administered during the hiring process, valuable information about a candidate's key skills will accurately be shown through supervisory testing.

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Exploring Varieties of Supervisory & Team Leader Tests

Aptitude testing comes in a wide variety of types and forms; all with different methods for collecting verbal and non-verbal data. It is commonly accepted that each test has unique properties that make it better suited to measure specific skills and traits such as accuracy, concentration, comprehension and more.

Supervisor and Team Leader assessments are more complex in nature than traditional aptitude tests such as Clerical and Admin assessment tests. They typically call for an understanding of complex situations and measure a candidate's ability to handle conflict resolutions, problem-solving and ability to delegate work whilst maintaining organisation. Some examples of supervisory and leadership tests are:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning

These assessment tests can streamline your hiring process. Here at eras, we suggest a combination of tests to highlight a candidate's supervisory traits and ensure they are suitable for the role they are applying for and your organisational culture.

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Our Supervisory & Team Leader Series of Tests

Numerical Reasoning (SNR1)

A test using facts and figures, taken from the world of work, to assess a candidate's ability to interpret and evaluate numerical information from a series of tables and charts.

Verbal Reasoning (SVR1)

A test to assess a candidate's ability to reason with written information drawn from the world of work.

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Is Supervisory & Team Leader Testing Right For You?

The ability to assess relevant skills and traits is just one of the reasons why team leader and supervisor tests should be used by an organisation. They greatly improve the recruitment process and allow a business to understand the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates. This can help a company find the right people for the job.

eras are here to help you seamlessly integrate this form of aptitude testing into your hiring process. Contact us today and we'll discuss your business needs and help choose the right test for your business.

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