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Managerial & Professional Series - Aptitude Tests

Managerial & Professional Series - Aptitude Tests

The Managerial and Professional Series tests are not necessarily applied only to those with graduate qualifications but in choosing this level of test there would have to be evidence of significant attainment in secondary or higher education. They are suitable for graduate level recruitment right through to the assessment of experienced and more senior managers, those typically having to deal with more complex policies and procedures. They can also be used for management development purposes at all these levels.

Numerical Reasoning <small class='text-muted'>(MNR1)</small>

Numerical Reasoning (MNR1)

A test using facts and figures, taken from the world of work, to assess a candidate’s ability to interpret and evaluate numerical information from a series of tables and charts.
Verbal Reasoning <small class='text-muted'>(MVR1)</small>

Verbal Reasoning (MVR1)

A test to assess a candidate’s ability to reason with written information drawn from the world of work.