How To Prepare For An Aptitude Test

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Psychometric testing covers a broad spectrum of assessments, including aptitude tests. Sometimes referred to as ability tests, they are often standardised and highlight the particular talents a person possesses without extensive practice or coaching.

By highlighting abilities of the candidate within a timed and controlled environment, they can be matched to the ideal role and opportunities for career development identified. However, candidates may still wish to prepare in order to relieve pressure and stress during the actual test itself.

Tips For Preparing For An Aptitude Test

Know The Test(s) You Will Be Taking

Not all aptitude tests are the same. Some will focus on numerical and verbal reasoning, while others may focus on analytical skills and deductive reasoning. The tests will vary from one another, so you'll need to know what to expect from your test.

If you have been told that you will need to complete an aptitude test as part of the process, you can prepare by first asking what test it will be. It may be one of the following, which then allows you to practise. You can read more about these further on in this blog.

Someone sits at a single seat desk completing an exam with a pencil.
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Mechanical understanding

Practise Aptitude Tests Before The Real Thing

Once you know the type of test you will be taking, you can practise. Practising will ensure you know the types of questions to expect, the format you are expected to answer in, and often how long you will have to complete the test.

Time can place a lot of stress on you, especially if you aren't familiar with the style of the test in question. You can then use your time wisely.

Online Versus In-Person Assessments

Online aptitude tests give you the chance to create the ideal set-up ahead of time. You can ensure that you are not disturbed and that your home computer or laptop is in the optimal place for you. You can also pick a time that suits you, when you know you'll be alert and no one will disturb you. Ensuring that you have everything ready means you can simply start the test without any problems.

For in-person tests, you'll want to be prepared before you go to be assessed. This means the timely use of the facilities and eliminating possible distractions. Wearing comfortable clothes, leaving unnecessary clutter at home, and getting a good night's rest beforehand will make a huge difference to you.

Don't Be Afraid To Move On If You Get Stuck

You may find yourself spending longer on a question than you had any intention of doing. If so, it's a good idea to move on and come back to it. This is a popular practice, as it gives you more time at the end of the test to review the question and figure out the correct answer.

This also saves you valuable time in the long run. Sticking with a question you are struggling with will rapidly eat away at your time and can leave you rushing through the end. Instead, leave more challenging questions to the end.

Remember: There Is More To You Than The Results Of This Test

Aptitude tests are just one part of the recruitment and development process. Recruiters and managers will consider many different elements. They will use the results of psychometric assessments, interviews, and more to decide whether to proceed or not.

Even if you haven't done as well as you wanted, you can always ask for feedback to help improve in the future. Most recruiters are more than happy to provide this feedback either in an email or over the phone. This gives you targeted areas for improvement in the future.

The Different Aptitude Test Types Available

The term aptitude testing covers a huge range of assessments used to understand an individual. At eras, we offer different tests to remove any potential bias in the recruitment process and to support the training, learning and development within your organisation:

Managerial And Professional Aptitude Tests

Suitable for a range of individuals from graduate level right through to senior management, managerial and professional aptitude tests, like numerical reasoning (MNR1) and verbal reasoning (MVR1), are used to test a candidate's ability to interpret and reason.

Clerical And Admin Aptitude Tests

Our clerical and admin aptitude tests are designed to assess candidates for clerical, administrative and support roles. We use a combination of word usage (CWU1), proof checking (CPC1), computation (CCT1) and cross checking (CCC1) tests.

Supervisory And Team Leader Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests can be extremely useful in both the recruitment and development process. Supervisory and team leader aptitude tests help identify desirable traits in candidates for operational settings, such as budgets, policies and complex procedures, through numerical reasoning (SNR1) and verbal reasoning (SVR1) tests.

Operative Aptitude Tests

Certain industries such as manufacturing, production, warehousing and logistics require certain skills. Our range of operative aptitude tests use assessments including following instructions (OSF1), mechanical understanding (OSM1) and using numbers (OSN1) to highlight desirable traits in candidates.

Specialist Aptitude Tests

The variety of aptitude tests means that potential candidates can be assessed in the correct way. Specialist aptitude tests will assess abilities to reason with symbols, rather than text or numbers, which is a key trait within specialist IT positions and electric and chemical engineering. For these tests, eras use deductive reasoning (SPD1), inductive reasoning (SPI1) and spatial reasoning (SPS1).

How Aptitude Tests Can Help Your Candidates And Business

Aptitude tests are great for eliminating potential bias and highlighting the natural skills of candidates and employees. They can also find areas for improvement, which is an essential part of professional development.

At eras, we have been at the cutting edge of psychometric products and consultancy for more than thirty years. We work with a range of clients from independent consultants to large multinationals to meet their assessment needs. Contact us today to find out how aptitude testing can fit into your organisation.

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