The Benefits Of Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests provide the unique insight individuals and businesses need to make choosing the ideal candidate easier. They have become increasingly popular within organisations, especially those seeking to recruit new talent and support the learning and development of current teams. Knowing the benefits of psychometric testing and how to integrate them into your recruitment process can be daunting, which is where we come in. As specialists in psychometric products and consultancy, we can help you make psychometrics part of your organisation.

What Is A Psychometric Test?

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Psychometric tests - or assessments - take in multiple aspects of human behaviour. Primarily, a test will focus on specific abilities while a personality questionnaire looks at which behaviours are typical or preferred. Conducted under standard conditions, these assessments can remove unconscious bias and give an accurate picture of a person's behaviour. This has proven to be especially useful throughout the hiring process, as it highlights applicants' skills and behaviours, helping to align potential employees with the role.

The test results are usually displayed as a number or as a category, making subjective information easier to read from an objective perspective. You can read more about what are psychometric tests on our blog.

What's The Difference Between IQ Tests And Psychometric Assessments?

The terms 'IQ test' and 'psychometric assessment' can sometimes be incorrectly used interchangeably. Intelligence quotient tests measure specific abilities and intelligence, often excluding elements such as social, emotional, creative and practical intelligence. An IQ test often focuses on the general intelligence of an individual.

Psychometric assessments embrace much more, and can be used to measure a variety of different areas of human behaviour. You can build personality profiles or gain insight into a person's critical thinking skills, as well as logical reasoning and more. The depth of psychometric assessments makes them ideal for businesses looking to make the right hiring decisions.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Psychometric Test?

A screenshot from Jungian type assessment from The Quest Profiler®. It shows that the person taking the test fits the INFP type, which is more aligned with Introversion, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. This is one of 16 different Jungian types.
A screenshot from Jungian type assessment from The Quest Profiler®. It shows that the person taking the test fits the INFP type, which is more aligned with Introversion, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. This is one of 16 different Jungian types.

While there are many benefits for businesses to integrate psychometric assessments into their operations, it is also extremely useful for the individuals taking the tests. Through these assessments, you can learn a great deal about yourself, gaining key information on communication preferences and interactions with others. This level of self-awareness is extremely beneficial to have.

One example of this is the Jungian type from The Quest Profiler®. An alternative to the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), this can help you to understand yourself on a deeper level. It will identify which of the personality types you best align with. With this information, you may find yourself looking at yourself and your actions differently, which is excellent for your own personal development.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Psychometric Tests For A Business?

Businesses in a range of industries will find that there are many advantages of psychometric testing. By removing potential bias in the recruitment process, you can use psychometrics to identify individuals with the most potential. It makes for a more efficient recruitment process, allowing your hiring team to spend more time focusing on the best candidates for the role.

Other instruments such as our Job Analysis tool can help you prepare for the recruitment process. This tool supports the interview process by identifying areas to focus on and can be used for honing in on training and development needs. This ensures the best alignment between job applicants and the role that they are applying for.

One huge barrier businesses face at present is ensuring job satisfaction and retaining talent. If you have found that turnover is high in your business, you can use psychometrics in the selection process to ensure a good culture fit for potential employees and hire the best candidates for the role. This can transform your retention strategy.

How To Integrate Psychometric Tests For Recruitment

For some businesses, it can be unclear how best to integrate these tests into the recruitment process. With effective psychometric training, your in-house team of HR professionals and managers can get the necessary insight into psychometrics and how best to make them part of your recruitment process.

The BPS Certified Occupational Test User: Ability and Personality (formerly Levels A and B) training is popular within recruitment. Our personality training focuses on The Quest Profiler® which is one of the fastest-growing personality questionnaires in the UK, used by some of the biggest companies for the selection and development of talent.

You can easily make psychometric assessments a part of the recruitment process, inviting candidates you'd like to take to the next stage to undertake a test. This can give you essential information on suitability for the job role and what potential learning opportunities would suit their needs. This ensures that you are making informed decisions.

Psychometrics can help businesses understand not only how individuals will behave at work but also support wider teams in their development. By aligning candidates with the right role and identifying if there are training and development needs across teams, you can build a positive and productive company culture.

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