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In-House Psychometric Training

Microsoft Teams Logo All of our Psychometric Training courses are now delivered though video conferencing (Microsoft Teams ). Please contact us for further information.

If you are looking to train up several people at once to use psychometrics, our in-house courses are the ideal solution. Depending on how many people you would like to train, we can offer the perfect package for you, delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Our Occupational Testing - Ability course (formerly Level A) focuses on aptitude testing, while our Occupational Testing - Personality course (formerly Level B) expands on this to cover personality questionnaires. They allow those attending to register as test users with the British Psychological Society , as well as equip your organisation with its own in-house psychometrics experts.

In addition to this, we also offer a masterclass covering our threesixty tool and how to use it, as well as team facilitation workshops.

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BPS Certified Occupational Test User: Ability (Level A)

Designed for HR professionals, team leaders, training consultants and managers, helping them to effectively integrate ability testing into their selection, recruitment and development processes.
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BPS Certified Occupational Test User: Personality (Level B)

Designed for those who have completed their BPS Occupational Test User: Ability training, helping them learn how to use personality assessment as a powerful tool for recruitment, selection and development processes.
threesixty° Masterclass

threesixty┬░ Masterclass

A practical master-class which will enable you to confidently plan and implement a threesixty° feedback programme in your organisation, and share best practice in giving developmental feedback.
Team Facilitation Workshop

Team Facilitation Workshop

This workshop will use output from a personality questionnaire as well as discussions and exercises facilitated by a consultant so team members can get to know more about the way they prefer to work and crucially, also how their colleagues do.