Price List

Price List

We strive to keep our pricing model as simple and as transparent as possible, whilst still offering you excellent value for money for all your psychometric assessment needs. The Psychometric Portal® operates on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) credits system where you top-up your account with credits which are later used to purchase reports. You are not charged for the assessment of participants, only for the reports you generate based on their results. This means you don't need to worry about assessments being interrupted because you're out of credits, and you only have to pay for the reports you actually need.

To start using The Psychometric Portal® you just need to purchase an account for £800 and we will throw in 400 credits to get you started. These, and any other credits you purchase, never expire. For low volume usage with greater flexibility please contact us directly.

On this page you will find a list of all our report costs, and our discount structure which can make larger purchases even more cost effective! Just click on one of the discounts in the table at the bottom to update the report prices accordingly.

Please note: All our prices exclude VAT, which is charged at the standard rate.

Report Costs

Assessment Report Type CreditsCost (0% discount)
Premium 75£75.00
Full 55£55.00
Standard 35£35.00
Premium 75£75.00
Full 55£55.00
Standard 35£35.00
Premium 225£225.00
Full 165£165.00
Standard 105£105.00
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Role Profile Creation Pick Your Own 0£0.00
Questionnaire 50£50.00
Report 420£420.00
Per Participant 2£2.00

Discount Structure

Minimum Purchase Discount Cost Per Credit
200 Credits0% £1.00
1000 Credits5% £0.95
2000 Credits10% £0.90
4000 Credits20% £0.80
8000 Credits25% £0.75
12000 Credits30% £0.70